Organic Marijuana Fertilizers for Coconut Land

Coconut fiber is a substrate that respect the environment, it is a type of reusable soil. It is possible to use it over and over again because it does not break down.

Another very important advantage is that, as it does not have nutrients, it does not attract insects, so we are less likely to have pests in our marijuana plant.

Disadvantages of Growing Marijuana with this substrate

We have previously mentioned many advantages of growing marijuana with coconut substrate. But, what drawbacks does this land have?

They are very few inconveniences to grow on land. If we had to say one, it is that growing marijuana in this land is necessary to fertilize your crop.

Another would be the need for a PH meter to keep some control. Hydroponic growers often use this pH meter for this coconut growing medium.

Coconut fibers usually retain moisture, but not as much as perlite or clay pebbles, so it is convenient to add a certain amount of these products. With this action we increase the permeability and we will obtain more spaces for a greater development of roots.

This type of substrate does not have high amounts of magnesium and calcium like other marijuana substrates. We should add these elements ourselves so that our crops obtain an optimal metabolism and development. In addition, magnesium is of vital importance for the photosynthesis of cannabis, to be absorbed it requires levels of calcium that help to create the cell walls of your cannabis plant.

In summary

Coconut fiber is a TOP substrate for growing marijuana and is being used more and more by normal growers such as hydroponic growers. It is not an expensive substrate, it respects the environment, since it can be reused and encourages the development of roots of your marijuana plant.

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