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Weeddays is the modern platform to search for your Cannabis, weed deals and discount coupon codes. We have the best in class offers to save $ on Bongs, CBD Oil, Weed Flowers, Sativa, Indica, #420 accessories, Concentrates, Pot Edibles, Tropical tinctures. You can submit your Weed deals as well and we will moderate and if fits in our platform will publish it for FREE. Weeddays is an optimized platform for all the cannabis businesses and Brands looking for traffic to grow ONLINE!

You can advertise your cannabis brand on weeddays, we are the network of affiliates and empower advertisers to scale their digital efforts by reaching more consumers on reputable websites with minimum effort. Our affiliate network provides traffic from SEO, Social media activities and paid advertisements.

Weeddays website has cannabis niche specific traffic which can help your brand get the potential customers. It is our aim to increase advertiser success by creating an cannabis advertising platform built for niche audiences interested in Weed Flowers, Sativa, Indica, Bongs, CBD, #420 accessories, Concentrates, Pot Edibles, Tropical tinctures, Clothes, Pre-rolled packs. We have a wide network of websites that offer advertisers a unique opportunity to get direct traffic to your brands.

The Advertisement costs are as follows,

  • 350 x 350px Sidebar banner – $75 Per Month – Direct link from the banner
  • 729x90px Footer banner – $75 Per Month – Direct link from the banner
  • In content Banner ads – – $45 Per link from content – Do follow link
  • Banner Advertisements in Weeddays Monthly Newsletter – $150 Onetime
  • Header Banner fix for Month get Direct traffic for $450 Per month
  • Guest Blog posting on the – $80 Per Blog – 1000 to 1200 words and 2 Do-follow links

Contact Us – [email protected] to advertise your brand on our weed ecommerce website and get targeted traffic and improved conversion.  

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