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Our brand has hectares of associated growers to test our organic fertilizers, and above all a team made up of great professionals who put passion, heart and enthusiasm in what they do.

For all this, they make Vegetal Bioplant products, and specifically the Madame Grow range, into fertilizers or premium fertilizers, which achieve the best performance for the cultivation of medicinal hemp, in each and every one of the plant’s cycles, including protection against any type of attack.

The fertilizers or organic fertilizers that we manufacture are liquid, for better absorption by the plant. You can also find them in powder format. Suitable for all kinds of soils or substrates, such as coconut, they are complete fertilizers, enriched with sugars, micro elements, humic acids, seaweed and vitamins. Our products are not perishable.

Give your plants the organic fertilizers that they need in all phases of the crop, since at each moment of the plant’s life it will have different needs that we have to satisfy in order to get the most out of our plants.

Fertilizers for growth phase

You will have the best organic nutrients for the growth phase, rich in nitrogen. Your plants will be green and healthy looking, with strong trunks and branches that will support the full weight of the bloom.

With this phase we will prepare a good skeleton that will support the weight of the flowers and allow its thickness to be greater than if the plant is weak when it begins to bloom.

Rooting so that your hemp or marijuana plants have a root system capable of absorbing all the minerals available in the soil or in the water of your hydroponic system.

And organic growth fertilizers for the roots, since they are an essential part of the plant that has a lot to do with the final result, with which we will have to emphasize these types of products.

organic fertilizer for growth phase

Nutrients for the flowering phase

Other organic fertilizers that will make our production stand out are: flowering stimulators, that apart from making our plant start producing flowers as soon as possible. You will get long tails of buds that will multiply the weight of the plant when harvesting.

With high quality biominerals and biostimulators, intended for all phases of cultivation and especially the last phase of flowering and maturation (4 to 6 weeks). The flowering stimulators with the natural sugars that they contribute to your plant make it come out heavier and with a more intense aroma.

For stimulation of your plants in the last phase, bud fatteners are the best natural fertilizers for your flowers. During this last phase, substantially less nitrogen is required. But the need for phosphates and potassium increases, which are very scarce in nature in a free way.

With a balanced set of flowering fertilizer and sugars, we will have a solid base so that when the fattening phase arrives we can use a fertilizer with high PK values ​​and our final production does not remain flaccid and not very dense.

We also have nutrient cleaners and chelators, which will serve to get rid of all the leftovers that the plant has not absorbed and that the plant no longer needs. So we will cut a clean product and with all its properties on the day of harvest.

organic fertilizers flowering

Collection and Pruning

The most desired moment of the whole process comes at the time of pruning. At this point, we need some good tools to make good use of them and our plants will thank us.

At Madame Grow, we have the best products so that the moment of pruning is a sensitive experience, with the plant and flowers at their optimum point of maturity. The skill and experience of the cutter will do the rest.

Not everything is going to be sweating, being aware of the soil, humidity, irrigation, maintaining the growth of the plant and flowers, fighting against pests that can cause us to lose part of the crop or everything; You also have to know how to relax and enjoy yourself.

Although always with attention and knowledge, since all the effort and work of months can be ruined by a bad decision about when to harvest, dry or cure the buds.

At Madame Grow, we share our experiences and knowledge about the cultivation of therapeutic plants, visit our blog or leave us a comment, to chat about your cultivation or questions you may have.

Best Fertilizers and Organic Fertilizers

Our philosophy is to bring our 100% natural organic fertilizers, for your self-cultivation, to people who are already started or starting, with or without experience. For this we offer advanced technical advice.

We research and develop the creation of fertilizers, to always offer the best products for your crop. Whether you are a large or small grower, with a larger or smaller budget, in our online grow shop you will have what you need, ask us and we will advise you.

Whether you are a beginner or if you have already started in this exciting world, if you are looking for seeds to grow, come and let us advise you! In our blog you will find a very detailed cultivation manual, as well as a multitude of practical advice, so that you have a good harvest and the process is as efficient as possible.

best organic fertilizers npk

Benefits of using organic fertilizers

On the one hand, artificial fertilizers, which are made based on industrial processes with chemicals such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid and ammonia, release nutrients in the soil such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Artificial fertilizers (many of them contain insecticides), unlike natural ones, are immediately absorbed by the soil, which makes crops can be accelerated.

However, the fact that inorganic fertilizers are absorbed so quickly by the soil also has its negative costs. Among their harmful effects are the contamination of the surrounding and underground water, an increase in toxic salts in the soil when they are applied in large quantities, and their worst risk is in the long term: they degrade the life of the soil and kill microorganisms useful for nutrition. of the plants. In other words, over time, not only is the land not really nourished, but it quickly becomes obsolete.

Advantages of using organic fertilizers

We organize some of the advantages of using organic fertilizers. For example:

  • There is less danger of overfertilization if decomposed organic material is added to a garden.
  • The absorption process of an inorganic fertilizer is as follows: the same microorganisms in the earth are those that degrade the fertilizer to form water-soluble compounds (that is, non-polluting), which are what plants take advantage of.
  • Organic fertilizers increase the action of fungi and bacteria that benefit the soil.
  • They cause the fungi responsible for the plants to take advantage of the nutrients to multiply significantly.
  • Organic fertilizers are very rich in micronutrients, as well as having macronutrients.
  • Organic fertilizers greatly improve the structure of the soil.
  • The use of organic fertilizers helps retain the nutrients in the soil.
  • They allow to take advantage of organic waste.
  • They allow the fixation of carbon in the soil and improve the ability to absorb water.
  • They tend to need less energy to make them.
  • They maintain the necessary humidity in the soil for each type of plantation.

Organic fertilizers prepare your soil for a long life. They create the necessary conditions for the soil to heal: like a microworld where solid and long-term regeneration grows.


Bioplant Plant Laboratory

We inform you about relevant news from the world of therapeutic plants and marijuana, its cultivation and its use as a medicinal remedy, recipes with the plant so that you can cook in a fun way, and we tell you some basic points of legality.

Vegetal Bioplant is the laboratory where we produce Madame Grow’s organic fertilizers, we want to offer you the best natural products for self-cultivation at the best price, along with personal advice. If you are just starting out and don’t know where to start, we are here to help you.

Our 100% natural growing kits can be found in our online grow shop at the best market price, manufactured and distributed with a sustainable conscience.

Use our chat, contact form or email: to get in touch with your trusted grow shop and you will have expert advice for your self-cultivation.

Your therapeutic plants of the best quality for your own consumption, nothing better than a homegrown created with 100% natural Madame Grow products, free of chemical toxins.

After several years of research and experience in cultivation, we are able to continue growing in this project, developing new 100% organic products, we are present in more than 5 countries and with your support we will continue to be a trusted grow shop.

We give everything in search of the satisfaction of our clients, making an enormous effort in the testing and analysis of more than a thousand products that exist in the field of the cultivation of therapeutic plants.

organic fertilizers laboratory

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