Sativa strains are known and appreciated for their cerebral and euphoric effects. Over the years, a spectacular number of different Sativa strains have been developed, which have been selectively bred to achieve specific characteristics. For some, selecting the right sativa is never a difficult task now.

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The cannabis sativa is characterized by developing large leaves, palmate, with very fine leaflets with serrated edges so, and usually colored to be light green. It is quite easy to identify its leaves, only with the appearance of the first pair of real leaves can its characteristics be appreciated, since they are the opposite of the leaves of the Indica plants.

The type of development it presents is very vigorous, grows very easily, and can reach heights of over 3m outdoors, indoors, if not controlled in time, it can more than triple in size. It grows to form a structure with a very wide internodal distance, and a great branching, this allows it to receive light in almost all its foliage and be well ventilated. The trunk and branches are not as firm as that of the Indica varieties, they have some elasticity, and therefore the use of tutors is usually necessary to prevent breakage.


Sativa is usually delicate plants that must be patiently treated and know how to fertilize correctly. Today there are many plants with a high percentage of sativa that can be grown without any complications, but if we talk about real sativa strains, these are a little different.

Its cultivation has always been characterized by being very long, caused above all by the endless flowering period they have, which is longer than 10 weeks and can exceed 15 weeks. This long flowering period is due to having developed in areas where the number of daylight hours does not usually vary much throughout the year, so flower formation is slow and progressive. For this reason, they are not usually the most cultivated varieties indoors, nor are they the most recommended. In order to grow a sativa strain indoors, it is best to develop it directly with a 12/12 photoperiod, in this way its growth can be controlled a little.

Growing sativa marijuana outdoors is much more viable and has a lot more followers for various reasons. The flowering periods continue to belong, being able to harvest until January, however, we will not have problems with the great development they present. In this way, they can grow as they wish and express their genetic potential much better. In addition, having developed for years in areas of high humidity and a large percentage of rainy rainfall, they have a great natural resistance to the appearance of fungi. This resistance is also because the flowers are not very bulky and grow less compact.


Sativa cannabis strains have always stood out for producing very powerful and even psychotropic brain effects, for this reason, it has been one of the most widely used types of cannabis for recreational use. But not only does it produce these effects, but it also offers active, stimulating, creative, energizing, anti-depressive, and euphoric physical and brain sensations, among others. Although it can also produce tachycardias and anxiety situations by being too psychoactive, this is because it produces extremely high THC levels and insufficient CBD percentages to modulate this powerful effect. For this reason, the use of this type of marijuana is not recommended for rest or sleep.

The production is not one of its strengths as it forms elongated and airy buds along its branches, which are made up of small chalices. When developing in humid climates, this has been one of their techniques to survive, which has not made them very palatable for home cultivation, but they have been a very good option to use in breeding processes and development of new genetics, for its great power and psycho-activity.


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