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Hybrid Cannabis, unlike pure strains, is that breed with genes for Sativa and Indica. It appears due to the demand for Cannabis that offers a psychoactive balance. Different flavors can also be achieved through the genetic combination of Indica Cannabis species with Sativa. If you are looking for marijuana that does not leave you very dull, this is possibly your type. Thanks to the genetic combination we will obtain the best of both varieties, which guarantees us very different psychoactive effects.

Hybrid Cannabis arises from the demand for marijuana strains with Indica and Sativa qualities. The search for new effects makes this marijuana one of the most important points of research in the cannabis fields. Below we will explain what hybrid Cannabis consists of and we will discuss its main characteristics based on its origin, morphology, and effects.

Marijuana, like other plants, can come from a pure race or be a hybrid of different varieties. As the sector has become more professional, both pure varieties and existing hybrids continue to cross and combine continuously. These new plants are known as hybrids.

Hybrids are an attempt of the human being to obtain personalized plants with specific characteristics, normally present in ruderalis, Indica or sativa varieties. Successful hybrids inherit the best qualities of their parents.


Depending on the degree of Indica / Sativa, each plant will have different morphological characteristics and effects. We usually distinguish between four types of hybrid Cannabis combinations:

Indica X Indica : This is a genetic combination of two races of Indica Cannabis.

Sativa X Sativa : as in the previous case, the crossing of two Sativa strains is treated.

Indica X Sativa : This is an Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Therefore, it has characteristics of both, with Indica being the most pronounced.

Sativa X Indica: this variety has both Indica and Sativa traits, the latter being the most dominant.


As with morphology, when it comes to talking about the effects of hybrid marijuana, they always must come based on the dominant type of strain.

In plants with Sativa dominance, the energetic and social effects will always manifest themselves more, as is the case of the Kali Mist, which has a 90% Sativa variety. However, the high of certain varieties such as Jack Herer, have very balanced psychoactive effects, having fifty-fifty in the Indica / Sativa ratio. Click here to learn more about Jack Herer marijuana.

On the side of plants with Indica dominance, just the opposite occurs. In very Indica, although hybrid, strains such as Blueberry, with a concentration of 80% of this type, it is common to feel very relaxing effects shaken by small energizing notes.

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