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As we have said, there are many marijuana variants, depending on the plant from which the leaves and stem are obtained. Regardless of its origin, other factors can alter existing types of marijuana, such as the amount of light the plant requires, the type of flowering it has (it can be a regular, feminized, or auto-flowering plant), or the time of year in which it is obtained.

Below we indicate the three main types SATIVA, INDICA and HYBRID weed strains discount Offers, and Coupon,


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Cannabis Sativa Buds

sativa-weed-budOriginally from countries with a tropical climate, cannabis Sativa is one of the best-known varieties of cannabis plants. The typical leaf that people usually imagine when talking about marijuana is usually of this variety. We are dealing with one of the most consumed types of marijuana, generally coming from South America or Asia. They are usually high-rise plants, being the most frequent to see in outdoor plantations.

Sativa marijuana has a taller stem with thinner and longer leaves, measuring between 2 and 5 meters; It has a not strong fruit aroma and a light green color with yellow touches on leaves and flowers. Their buds tend to have a long, airy shape that makes them weigh less.

The psychoactive effects of the marijuana extracted from this variety tend to be activating and psychoactive due to its high amount of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It stimulates appetite and physical and social activity, causing feelings of euphoria.

Indica Cannabis Buds

indica-weed-bud-compressorOf Asian origin, it is one of the types of marijuana that can be found naturally, especially in countries such as India or Pakistan. This variety has an intermediate size, also having much wider leaves than other varieties.

With a flowering period of between 6 to 9 weeks, it is best adapted to indoor crops. It measures between 1 and 2 meters and is a leafy plant with shorter and wider leaves. Compared to Sativa cannabis, its flowers tend to be more compact and is one reason why they tend to be more sensitive to attack by fungi and rot. Besides, they are plants that have traditionally been used to make hashish for producing a lot of resin.

Regarding the type of effects, the Indica variety usually has a slightly narcotic effect more linked to physical relaxation and analgesia, having a high content of cannabidiol or CBD and low THC. This variety is the one that is usually medically indicated, being frequently used in the treatment of pain caused by different diseases, as well as for its anticonvulsant and relaxing effects.

Its effect is very intense and relaxing, it is indicated for use at night for being relaxing, inducing sleep, and altering the senses, as it has a higher percentage of THC compared to its CBD content. Its flavor tends to be sweet, while its powerful aroma is not as pleasant as Sativa;, if you carry Indica, its strong smell will make everyone know that you have marijuana on you.

Hybrids Cannabis Buds

hybrid-weed-budThe previous varieties of cannabis and marijuana can be found naturally. However, based on them, weed lovers have been creating different varieties to obtain different effects or increase resistance or proliferation, through artificial selection in nurseries and plantations.

The type of effect that is obtained in each case depends on the type of hybrid that has been created and its origin. That is why this category is much more heterogeneous than the previous ones since the combinations and the crossing of genes make the variety of products obtained very wide.

Most of the varieties that we find in the market are hybrids. And these can be divided into three types:

Sativa-dominant hybrids: When a hybrid is dominant, this means that most of that resulting hybrid will have more characteristics of the dominant variant than the other. Thus, we see that Sativa-dominant hybrids are tall plants with long, light-colored leaves. Some examples of Sativa-dominant hybrids are: Amnesia Haze, Vortex or Diesel varieties, so well-known and sold in the United States characterized by that smell of diesel fuel that gives it its name.

Hybrids 50/50: they are hybrids with a genetic balance of Sativa and Indica. These hybrids are easy to grow plants with a fast flowering period and quite hardy. These plants are chandelier-shaped with broad bush-like foliage. Some examples are Agent Orange, Gorilla Glue, or Bubble Gum.

Indica-dominant hybrids: as we have seen with the Sativa-dominant, being the Indica the dominant variety of this type of hybridization we find plants with more characteristics of this subspecies: they are small plants with a dark color and a composition in which it predominates THC. Some examples of the dominant Indica hybrids are Sweet Candy, Double White, or Critical.

This type of hybridization is done with what we would call “pure” varieties, that is, those non-hybridized subspecies that are genetically the same as cannabis that grows wild without mixing with other genes. However, these “pure” varieties, even the so-called “pure Sativas and Indica” have differences between them: if we compare one cultivated in one part of the world with another cultivated in the other extreme, they will have different effects. And it is very difficult to find 100% Indica or Sativa strains after so many years of experimentation and hybridization with cannabis plants.

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