How do I extract the resin from cannabis at home?

Have you ever heard of resin from flowers or hashish resin? Do you want to know more about this solvent-free cannabis extract? Next we tell you a little more about it, its extraction process with a press and how to take advantage of the resin to vape.

Everything you need to know about the Rosin Tech technique

In the next blog we will show you how to make Rosin Tech from our flowers thanks to the Qnubu press to later dilute it with the Wax liquidaizer and get the fluid to be able to vape.

What is the Rosin Tech technique?

The Rosin Tech technique is the process of extracting the oils that give cannabis its unique taste and smell through the use of heat and pressure. This process is very simple and does not require the use of foreign substances, unlike other methods that use chemicals. This technique focuses on balance three elements: heat, pressure and time.

We must control the heat, as high temperatures can degrade molecules quickly and cause damage to the final product. Now, to reduce the temperature we must increase the pressure enough to reduce the heat to the maximum.

The Rosin Tech technique has become an alternative with great popularity, since the final product is very powerful and pure, and it tastes and smells exactly like the strain from which it was extracted.

Materials and tools to apply the Rosin technique

Extracting the resin from cannabis is very simple because it only requires a minimal equipment and one minimum investment. You can extract resin at home like a professional with just:

  1. A Rosin press.
  2. Choice of starting material (can be cannabis flowers, bubble hash or kief).
  3. Nylon bags or meshes.
  4. Vegetable extraction paper.

In Flor Prohibida you can find resin extraction kits that will save you a lot of time and money.

Rosin extraction bags
Nylon bags for resin extraction

What returns can I expect?

You can press cannabis flowers, bubble hash, or kief, but each material will give you different yields. Not all strains produce resin equally, some strains are known to produce more resin. while others hardly produce. An approximate return of each type could be the following:

  • Cannabis flower: 15% – 30%
  • Kief: 30% – 60%
  • Bubble hash: 30% – 70%

By pressing the cannabis flowers, you will get best quality resin, but not necessarily the best returns. When pressing the flowers, try to choose the smallest buds as they have more surface area and this means more travel for the resin while pressing.

On the other hand, when you press kief or hashish, they will give you a great quality and decent yields.


Temperature is key to extract good resin, a basic rule that you must remember is:

  • Lower temperatures (80 ° C – 100 ° C) = more flavor / terpenes, lower yield, the final material is more stable (consistency similar to honey)
  • Higher temperatures (100 ° C – 120 ° C) = less flavor / terpenes, more yield, the final material is less stable (consistency similar to sap)

With these basic concepts in mind, if your press is capable of providing you with the necessary pressure, we do not recommend that you go above 120 ° C.

In the case of cannabis flowers, it is recommended to apply a temperature between 85 ° C and 100 ° C for approximately 15 and 60 seconds. You will have to experiment until you reach the balance between good performance and optimal quality, since we remind you that each extraction may be different from the previous one.


Science has shown that higher pressure does not necessarily equate to better performance. High pressure can sometimes produce less desirable results because the increased pressure actually forces materials such as lipids or other fine particles.

According to experts, a pressure of 1000 psi (70 kgf / cm2) at the point of contact is sufficient; Higher pressure will only drag out other unwanted compounds, such as waxes, fats or chlorophyll.

Resin extracted from a Rosin dam
Resin extracted from a Rosin dam

Resin color

Normally, quality Rosin has a golden yellow color, with good transparency and brightness. Basically, there are three main factors that can change or affect the color of the resin:

  • The quality of the material.
  • The freshness of the material.
  • The pressing temperature.

The most important factor affecting the clarity and color of the rosin is the raw material quality. The quality will depend a lot on what each one looks for in their cannabis and in the extractions, but there are some indicators to take into account: terpene profile, trichome density and the density of the cannabis.

Second, the more fresh and recent be the materialthe better the rosin. In our experience, the best time to press is immediately after the material dries and cures.

The third key factor is the temperature at which it is pressed the material. Simply put, resin exposed to high temperatures for a long time tends to darken considerably and is subject to loss of terpenes.

PRESS. Step-by-step extractionl Rosin.

How to press, dilute and vaporize your marijuana with a Qnubu Rosin press

To do the Rosin technique in an efficient and professional way, a Rosin press is required. With this press we can control pressure, temperature and time, and thus have greater control over the quality of the product. We tell you step by step how to extract the Rosin with a professional press:

First step: Turn on the press so that the plate begins to preheat.

Second step: fill the bags with the selected material (flowers, hashish, kief …). Remember to fill the filter bags evenly to decrease the chances of it breaking. If you use flowers, we recommend using a 160 micron bag and if you press hashish, it would be convenient to use one between 37 and 45 microns.

Third step: prepare the vegetable extraction paper or greaseproof paper. There are many ways to fold paper to fit in a press. Some people like a triangular shape better and others prefer a rectangular shape. The way to fold it will depend on you, but you should be careful that the resin does not come off the paper.

Triangular shaped vegetable paper for the extraction of resin with the Rosin technique
Triangular shaped vegetable paper

Fourth step: Place the bag on the paper and align it with the press. Begin to apply light pressure on the material, as the flowers are compressed and heated, you should apply a little more pressure, carefully and gradually from 30 seconds to a minute.

Fifth step: start applying more pressure and work up to 1 ton, always depending on the amount you are pressing. Pay attention to the flow of the resin, try to keep it at a constant rate / speed, as it decreases, add more pressure.

Sixth step: When the resin stops falling, release the press and carefully remove the envelope with the bag inside and let it cool until the rosin becomes solid. Once cold, we can extract the Rosin with a dabber, scratching the surface of the paper until all the resin has been collected.

Professional presses

Today you can have Rosin extraction presses in your home with all the comforts. There are compact dams that you can keep at home and they will not bother you at all. You can also take advantage of all its characteristics to extract the resin like a true professional.

From forbidden flower we recommend the 1 ton manual Rosin press, with this press you will have double temperature control, timer, a new rotary mechanism and system Plug and play.

Qnubu 1T Rosin press for resin extraction
Qnubu Rosin Press 1T

There are also more compact versions such as the 600kg Rosin manual press, a light, portable and easy to use press, ideal for transporting and with an unbeatable price.

DILUTE. Turn the Rosin into a vaporizing liquid.

You will wonder how to use all the Rosin that you have extracted, an ideal solution is to vape. With the help of a Wax Liquidizer you can turn your Rosin extractions into an essence o E-liquid ready to be vaped or vaporized that will contain all the aromas of your extractions. You can find a wide range of Wax Liquidizer in different sizes and flavors.

Following these 3 easy steps you will have your cannabis essence ready to consume in your vaporizer:

  1. Put a minimum of 2 milliliters of Wax liquidizer using a syringe and 1 gram of rosin into the glass.
  2. Put the glass in the microwave and heat its contents for 10 seconds.
  3. Mix well until the rosin is completely mixed with the concentrate.
WAX LIQUIDIZER to vape your Rosin extractions
WAX LIQUIDIZER to vape your Rosin extractions

You can vape your Wax Liquidizer essence anywhere with maximum discretion, since it does not give off any odor and you will go completely unnoticed.

STEAM your own extractions

Now you only need one vape to enjoy your essence, there are compact vapers that you can store in any pocket and with great power to vape your cannabis extractions.

We recommend the BUNCH vape, a vape compatible with e-liquids with nicotine, without nicotine or with diluted resin. The liquid reservoir, called a pod, has a capacity of 1 ml and is very easy to fill. It also has a silicone anti-drip valve.


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