What is the best luminaire? High-performance 1000W professional luminaires

When we want to set up our own indoor grow, one of the factors to take into account is the type of light and its power. If you want to know how to increase the production of your crop using the latest generation luminaires, below we will show you the differences between the consumption and performance of the luminaires, and some examples of the best luminaires on the market.

High-performance 1000W professional luminaires

If you are thinking of taking your cultivation to the next level and producing up to 4 grams per wattFrom Flor Prohibida we recommend one of the best lights on the market, the 1000W HALO.


Today there are very well designed lighting systems and they are built with the best possible quality. This is the case of the Halo Double Ended luminaire, which offers us the best performance in terms of efficiency, power and versatility.

The Halo DE is the only double ended system that has the ballast above the reflector, this gives us the opportunity to rotate our reflector 90º with what you allows better directing of light in closed spaces where we try to make the most of every watt of light and achieve greater uniformity in our crops.


The Halo DE luminaire is the only one on the market that is capable of generating up to a 30% more light than other luminaires, allowing us to adjust the light of the reflector so that we do not waste a single photon of light in our cultivation. In addition, the reflector is made of adonized aluminum, allowing us a reflectivity higher than 95% and it has 3 positions in which its opening can be adjusted to 90, 105 or 120 degrees.

Your ballast has a lifespan of 80,000 hours, which would allow us to make around 60 crops, it also has the ballast on top of the reflector, this gives us the opportunity to rotate our reflector 90 degrees. It is advisable to have an adjustable model to better direct the light in closed spaces, where we try to make the most of each watt of light and thus achieve greater uniformity in our crops.

Adjustable power

In terms of power, it is capable of adjusting its power to 5 different voltages and it is the only luminaire in which you can connect three types of bulbs:

  • DE-HPS (Double Ended High Pressure Sodium). You have the possibility to choose between the 1000W AUVL, with which you will be able to develop its maximum potential obtaining incredible and high quality harvests, or the 1000W Spiderlux, cheaper but with great power from its first to its last minutes of life. Useful.
  • 630W DE-LEC (Double Ended Light Emitting Ceramic). CMH’s Spiderlux LEC 630W is one of the most efficient bulbs on the market, producing more than 130 lumens per Watt consumed.
  • DE-MH (Double Ended Metal Halide). Exclusive bulbs for the vegetative growth phase.
Bulbs compatible with the HALO luminaire
Bulbs compatible with the HALO luminaire

Now, depending on the power you use, you must place the luminaire at a certain distance from the plants. If you use the 630W Spiderlux LEC bulb you will achieve an optimally illuminated area of ​​1.5mx 1.5m, and you must place it at a distance of 66cm from the plants. But if instead you want a higher production and you use a 1000W bulb, you must place it at a distance of 200cm from the ground and you will get an illuminated area of ​​4m2.

Uses of potencies for indoor cultivation

In addition, the powers of the ballast have different uses, you must use each of the powers for each of the phases of indoor cultivation if you want to have a production with quantity and quality. The uses are:

  • 600W: Suitable for the first week when the plants do not need too much light.
  • 750W: Perfect for growth, because even the plants do not demand much light.
  • 1000W: Ideal for the beginning of flowering and maturation phase.
  • 1150W: Suitable for weeks 2 to 6 of flowering, which is when the plant is fully focused on creating buds.


Another of the TOP luminaires on the market is undoubtedly the Spiderlux Adjust. One of the most powerful on the market providing the maximum possible amount of lumens to our crop. Manufactured with the best raw materials and under the strictest quality standards to achieve a luminaire with professional results available to anyone.


The Adjust luminaire offers us the possibility of regulating the power (600W – 750W – 1000W – 1150W) and light output according to your needs, it also incorporates a reflector adjustable in 3 positions allowing us to cover more growing space or concentrate more light under each Photo.

In Flor Prohibida you can find the aforementioned lights and an infinity of products for self-cultivation of cannabis. If you want to know more about our products you can follow us on social networks and thus find out all the news.

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