Cleaning instructions for the hygiene of your vaporizer.

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Image of a housekeeper with a broom cleaning a spray bottle

Did you know that by cleaning your vaporizer properly and regularly, it can work the same way it did on day one? If you have started using one recently, you may enjoy sweet and delicious puffs, but after a few months its quality may decrease if it is not. properly maintained.

Therefore, frequent maintenance of your vaporizer will not only avoid this situation, but will also optimize your experience with cannabis. Maximum performance, better taste and long shelf life are just a few of the benefits you can get when you learn to clean a spray bottle.

🎯 Is it strictly necessary to clean a vaporizer?

Yes, maintaining the hygiene of your vaporizer is essential if you want to enjoy your device for longer. Vaporizers are characterized by a much purer and cleaner experience than smoking. This is because, as this device does not burn herbs when vaporizing, there will be no smoke and the harmful substances that can be produced when lighting a joint or a cigarette will be reduced.

However, that doesn’t guarantee that it won’t get dirty over time. When you use it periodically, such as when you smoke a pipe or a traditional bong, sticky residue builds up. This fact is a little less noticeable in this class of devices, but it is still a reality.

So if you want to completely prevent dirt from entering your body with every puff, you need to clean your vaporizer.

Imagen que muestra un vaporizador con residuos de hierba.
Imagen que muestra un Vaporizer con residuos de hierba.

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✅ Cleaning instructions for a vaporizer.

You can clean your vaporizer in two ways: by daily routine cleaning or by deep cleaning. The first only takes a few minutes and is done after each spray. Instead, the second option refers to a more elaborate process that you could do every two weeks or when switching from concentrate to weed.

1-Daily routine cleaning.

Sprays usually include a brush that will be used for routine grooming. But if you don’t, don’t worry. You can buy a small cleaning brush, like the ones you buy with electric razors, or use pipe cleaners and cotton swabs.

For this method, the first thing to do is to empty the herb chamber of your vaporizer. Then use your tool (brush or pipe cleaner) to remove the accumulated plant residue. In this step, it is essential to brush the screens or grilles if your vaporizer has them.

Finally, you can use the pipe cleaner to clean the inside of the mouthpiece and alcohol wipes to clean the outside of your vaporizer. See how simple it is? You will only need a few seconds!

Image showing cleaning tools for a spray bottle
Image showing cleaning tools for a spray bottle

2-Deep cleaning.

If you intend to do a deep clean, you need to consider what type of spray you have, as the disinfection process may vary depending on its characteristics. Here is an explanation of the three main models.

Image showing a disassembled vaporizer
Image showing a disassembled vaporizer

-Dry herb spray.

To thoroughly clean a dry herb vaporizer, you need to carefully disassemble the device. Although this type of vaporizer is generally marketed under different brands and models, all copies are generally made up of common parts: mouthpiece, heating chamber, battery, among others.

Consult the manual for your device and follow the instructions to disassemble it. Then gently shake and pat each part to remove any trapped grass, use a cleaning brush or pipe cleaner for any residue from the parts. Pay close attention to the chamber and mouthpiece, as well as the screen if your vaporizer has one, as these are crucial for its good performance.

Then use 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean the parts of the device, removing stubborn stains and sticky grass.

Then take the battery out of the vaporizer and brush it out, cleaning the compartment as well. Finally, reassemble the device and clean it outside.

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Spray for concentrates

One of the characteristics of cannabis concentrates is their viscosity. Thus, being particularly clingy, they tend to get vaporizers dirty easily. This is the main reason why cleaning concentrate vaporizers is often so important. The stains you find will be quite stubborn. But it’s nothing that you can’t handle with certain tools and isopropyl alcohol.

First, remove the parts from your device according to the instructions in the manual. Remove the nozzle, open the heating chamber and clean it thoroughly with a cotton swab previously moistened with alcohol. Repeat this last step until there is no more residue. Then move on to the mouthpiece.

do not forget carefully clean any other part of your vaporizer, such as filters, glass tubes and metal screens if included. If they are very dirty and sticky, rub them with a towel or soak them for a few minutes in isopropyl alcohol.

Then remove the battery from its compartment and clean it thoroughly. Put it back in once all the alcohol has evaporated and finally assemble your vaporizer.

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-Vaporizer pen.

This device, called a vape pen or electronic cigarette, also requires special care. To clean it, first touch the pen to remove any stuck-on weed. Then open it as indicated in the user manual to access each of its parts.

Take a small brush or pipe cleaner and clean the inside of your vape pen. If your device has a removable warming chamber, remove it and disinfect it separately. Don’t forget to clean the wires as wellbecause they can hide plant matter and other debris. To do this, you can use the tip of a cotton swab with alcohol.

For this type of vaporizer, it is very important to clean the screens. Carefully remove and submerge the screens in a small glass of rubbing alcohol for 20 to 30 minutes. Immediately polish each screen and allow it to dry.

The last step is to put your vape pen back in place and remove it. enjoy like the first day you had it in your hands.

Image showing the threads of a vape pen.
Image showing the threads of a vape pen.

🚀 Conclusion

As you will see, before following any kind of instructions to clean your vaporizer, you should take into account the type of device you have.. Each model varies according to its characteristics, structure and parts. Hence, you should always be very careful while performing any remediation process.

However, the tools you need for a simple and thorough cleaning are very similar. So you can buy them in advance and prepare yourself for disinfect and improve the performance of your vaporizer.

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