What is hemp protein?


Today we can highlight three products derived from hemp that can be consumed legally and with all health guarantees, with beneficial effects on health.

They come from dehulled hemp seeds or hemp seeds. We can get the hemp oil, hemp flour and vegetable proteins.

With these dehulled hemp seeds we do the cold extraction process, both hemp flour and hemp oil are extracted.

The extraction of a large quantity of proteins is carried out by a cold grinding process from the hemp seeds and then sieving is carried out that favors better absorption when used in juices or smoothies.


First we must know what proteins are used for in general. They are essential macronutrients necessary for the functioning of the human body, they also provide energy.

We can divide proteins into 20 different essential amino acids. These essential amino acids are basic units of proteins and each of them has different functions associated with the body. All of them are equally important for the human being, the essential amino acids are obtained through food intake and the non-essential ones can be obtained naturally by the human body.

HEMP PROTEIN: Benefits and properties

The main and best known health benefit of hemp protein is the improvement of physical and sports performance because it has a high protein content that promotes muscle development.

It has the ability to create new muscle fibers quickly the moment it is combined with your intake of physical exercise. Help to fight cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory, it also promotes weight loss and prevents aging.

It should be noted the good digestibility of this protein food intake, hemp seeds do not contain lactose, gluten, cholesterol and trans fats, therefore it becomes a nutritional supplement for all types of intolerant.

The daily amount of protein is one or two tablespoons, we must mention that hemp protein is very soluble, so it can be mixed with any type of juice or smoothie without problems.

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