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Hello, madamegrowers! Here we are with another interesting and didactic entry from our blog. This time, we will explain everything you need to know about the composition of hemp. And, specifically, you are going to know how much CBD does hemp have and marijuana, a question that you often ask us. It is normal, because as growers we like to know what our plant is made of. Keep reading!

Genetic composition of the cannabis plant

The hemp plants they have a percentage of CBD in their genetic makeup, as well as THC. But what is this percentage? Does it vary a lot from plant to plant? What does it depend on? Is there a limit? We will try to answer all these questions by taking a look inside the cannabis plant, which contains cannabinoids that determine its both percent of THC and CBD.

Sure you already want to know how much cannabidiol CBD your plant has. Madamegrower, when you start your adventure in the hemp cultivation, there are several aspects that we advise you to take care of and take into account. Have you created a suitable growing environment? What are the cultivation phases and what to do in each one of them? Do you know what to do with the plant when it is ready? In this blog you will find the answer to these important questions that any fan of cannabis cultivation must have asked themselves. Just as important as these issues is the cannabinoid content; that is, how much THC and CBD content the plant will have.

Genetics in the proportions of THC and CBD

During their genetic development, cannabis plants synthesize CBDA and THCA (which become CBD and THC when heated) from the same cannabinoid: CBGA. The fact that one, the other, or both appears, depends on an enzyme that can take a form between two possibilities, which we will call A and B, and which are encoded by the same gene. Since each plant receives two genetic copies, there are only three options available. You will get two coding genes A, one coding gene A and one B, or two coding B. This distribution determines how much CBDA and how much THCA will be in the plant.

Strains with two A-encoders will have more CBD and minimal THC levels, while strains with one gene for each will have a ratio close to 1: 1. Finally, plants that inherit two B encoders will become strains with higher levels of THC (which, as you know, is responsible for the psychoactive effects).

How much CBD content can my plant have?

Although there are some plants today with more THC content than ever before, they can only go up to certain levels, before reaching a maximum peak. This happens because both THC and CBD are derived from the same gene, which means that there are strict limits on the possible ratios of both.

For THC, that limit is around 35% by dry weight, and most high-potency strains go as high as 25%. Compared, the upper limit for CBD is around 20%, and can be seen in varieties such as the Ice Cream Cookie, which contains up to 20% of this cannabinoid so important in medical marijuana. In strains that contain significant amounts of both cannabinoids, there are even more nuances in the limits. In that sense, it is highly unlikely that a strain will reach 30% THC and 10% CBD, and vice versa.

We recall that, unlike cannabis sativa, the industrial hemp it is rich in CBD and does not exceed 0.2% THC content, a residual percentage that does not lead to any psychotropic effects. Therefore, its cultivation is legal.

Uses and benefits of cannabidiol or CBD

As is already well known by our madamegrowers, cannabidiol is one of the 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis, being the main component of the plant in hemp varieties. It differs from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in that, unlike it, it is not psychoactive and has a broader scope for medical applications. This includes treatments for epilepsy disorders, multiple sclerosis, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, or nausea.

Regarding its application, there is a wide variety of CBD products, such as the CBD oil, extracted from hemp flowers. It is not the only oil that can be obtained, because on the other hand we have the seed oil, which is obtained from hemp seeds.

Types of oils

Hemp seeds as such do not contain cannabinoids, so their oil does not produce the same effects as hemp oil. In return, hemp seed oil offers large amounts of nutrients, including fatty acids. CBD oil is an extract obtained from hemp flowers. These buds have small mushroom-shaped glands called trichomes that produce a resin rich in CBD and aromatic terpenes.

There is also cannabis oil, which is different from CBD oil and hemp seed oil. It is an extract derived from cannabis flowers with a high content of THC, other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Other applications of hemp

The benefits and particularities of hemp have been exploited by incorporating it into various goods such as cosmetics, food or clothing.

  • cosmetics: The oils found within the seeds have beneficial properties for the skin and hair. Some hemp-derived skincare and cosmetic products include skin moisturizers, facial serums, and soaps.
  • Food: Hemp seeds are a great source of fiber, protein, and beneficial fats. Hemp food products include cooking oils, granola, flour, hemp milk, and hemp protein.
  • Clothing: Hemp fibers have long been used in the creation of clothing and textiles. Hemp has stood out for being an ecological option. And it requires only half the amount of water compared to cotton to produce an equivalent amount of fiber.

As you can see, hemp and CBD have a multitude of applications. In our online store we have a wide variety of seeds with a high percentage of CBD. If you want to have your own therapeutic grow, a good way to start is with our high quality and safe seeds, imported from the USA.

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