Map of the legalization of cannabis in the world

Welcome #Madamegrowers to a new post on our blog. This time we are going to try cannabis regulation by countryIn other words, we are going to indicate in which country cannabis is legalized.

At Madamegrow we are very curious and we want to know all the places on the planet where cannabis is legalized. For this we have formalized a list with the regulation of cannabis by country.


Before we begin with our list of countries that allow the use and sale of marijuana, we discussed the status of cannabis for personal use and medical cannabis. Legalizing marijuana has always provoked controversy and debate for decades. There are many bills and laws that allow the cultivation, possession and consumption of cannabis, but they are not the same for all countries.

We are going to make three lists: Countries where marijuana is legal, Countries where medical marijuana is legal, but not its recreational use, and countries that do not allow the sale of medical marijuana, but derivative.



Uruguay could be confirmed as the country that has the most advanced laws. Located in the south of Latin America, a country that, together with Canada, is one of the most advanced countries in legalizing marijuana.

It was 2013 when consumption was allowed in Uruguay, the first country in the world in legalize marijuana, both their medicinal and recreational uses. The same state has a law to regulate the production, consumption and takes into account the small grower who uses marijuana for both personal and medicinal use.

As there is a law that allows the sale of marijuana, Uruguay has managed to lower the sale on the black market.


As we mentioned above, Canada is on the world map for cannabis as the country with the most advanced legislation. At the beginning of the 2000s, the Ministry of Health issued a bill that allowed the use of cannabis medicinal in patients with serious illnesses. It was not until 2018 when it was approved to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, with a maximum possession of 30 grams. Companies as long as they have a state permit can produce marijuana and cannabis derivatives.

South Africa

Like Canada, in 2018, the Constitutional Court of South Africa declared the law that prohibited the consumption and cultivation of cannabis for personal and private consumption as void. At that time, the use of both medicinal and recreational cannabis is allowed.


The fame of marijuana use in this country is worldwide. The Netherlands is one of the countries with a more modern regulation, but at the same time contradictory. Since the 70s, personal use of marijuana has been allowed in cannabis social clubs, better known as coffeshops (small amounts). It is a country that is fighting to legalize marijuana, however, its cultivation is prohibited and it is not so advanced with respect to other countries.

Countries where medical marijuana is legal, but not recreational use

New Zealand

In 2018 New Zealand becomes a country that allows the use of medical cannabis in patients with a prescription, due to illnesses that are beneficial to alleviate pain. Two years later, a referendum is held to legalize the recreational use of personal consumption. With these bills coincides with the general elections in New Zealand that intends to pass a law on its consumption, not for those under 20 years of age. With a maximum amount of tenure and another for self-cultivation. In addition, it incorporates an educational program to raise awareness about marijuana use.


Five years ago, an amendment to the 1967 Narcotics Act was approved, a law to regulate access to medical marijuana, as long as the state can control it. In 2019 Canberra passed a law allowing cannabis for personal / recreational use.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic passed a law to regulate the dispensing of cannabis-derived products to patients with illnesses requiring treatment. The same state is the one in charge of managing the cultivation, purchase and distribution. Normally this medicinal cannabis is usually prescribed to patients with Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis or cancer. Self-cultivation is limited to 5 plants per house.

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