The best varieties of Sweet Seeds according to GB

Sweet Seeds® It has become a true reference for the most select and distinguished cannabis growers, thanks to the constant and exhaustive research, selection and genetic stabilization work, which have resulted in numerous feminized and autoflowering marijuana seeds of recognized prestige within the cannabis scene. . For this reason, the team of editors and growers of GB The Green Brand, intends to highlight eight strains, which under their criteria can be considered as the best varieties from this Spanish seed bank.

What are the best Sweet Seeds® feminized seeds according to the GB The Green Brand team?

Among the feminized and photo-dependent varieties that can be found in the wide range of Sweet Seeds® genetics, it is necessary to value the extraordinary productive quality that exhibit all of them, as well as the different chemotypes -terpenes and cannabinoids-, which meet the needs of all types of growers and consumers, both recreationally and medicinally. Among these, there are four strains of great relevance within the cannabis industry, such as Cream Caramel® (SWS04), Crystal Candy® (SWS58), Mohan Ram® (SWS09) y Psicodelicia® (SWS07).

Cream Caramel® (SWS04)

Considered one of the most prolific marijuana strains of Sweet Seeds® history, this synthetic strain combines the best qualities of different indica genetics such as Blue Back, Maple Leaf Indica y White Rhino. It is the most awarded cannabis plant in the entire catalog of this seed bank based in Valencia, as it has won more than 25 trophies and cups from 2007 to 2018, among which stand out Barcelona Breeders Cup, VI THC Valencia Cup, II Copa del Rey de Bogotá (Colombia), Cannabis Champions Cup de Spannabis y Coppa D’Italia Cannabica de Roma (Italy), among many others.

It is considered the preferred strain of the medicinal cannabis users who do want high levels of THC, which are transformed into psychoactive sensations ideal to relax the body and how complementary treatment for depression and stress. With a 90% indica predominanceIt is also worth highlighting the combination of earthy aromas and sweet and caramel flavors, in addition to its robust structure with a small internodal distance and large lateral branching.

Crystal Candy® (SWS58)

Fruit of an unknown cross between different feminized varieties, the R + D + I Department from Sweet Seeds® named this genetics Crystal Candy® (SWS58), due to its immeasurable ability to produce incredibly aromatic resin crystals. In addition, it stands out for the high density of its trichomes, as well as for its sweet fragrances that are intertwined with sugary flavors, which evoke sweets and sour strawberry and melon gum.

Regarding the distribution and influence of its genes, this polyhybrid guarantees balanced and pleasant effects, since it exhibits a code 60% indica and 40% sativa. Outdoor production can reach 700 gr / plant, even exceed it if the specimens are grown by expert hands in the noble and laborious art of horticulture, while indoors it can exceed 500 gr / m2 without too many problems and under treatments. more basic. In the same way, it has also been awarded in different competitions such as the Spannabis Champions Cup 2017, held in Barcelona.

Mohan Ram® (SWS09)

Obtained from hybridization of S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious® (SWS02) with an elite clone of the famous genetics White Widow, it is an 85% indica-predominant strain, capable of providing powerful and long-lasting narcotic and sedative effects, ideal for both recreational and therapeutic uses. Easy to grow both indoors under spotlights and outdoors, it exhibits percentages of THC del 18-21%, as well as a not inconsiderable CBD content of 1.4%. The flowering period in indoor crops is only 8 weeks, while in outdoor the harvest will be ready to cut, dry and manicure at the end of September in the northern hemisphere.

The countless awards and accolades it has received over the past decade credit it as an established cannabis strain renowned among growers and smokers around the world. Some of them are the XIV Cannabis Cup of Silver (Argentina), Portugal Weed Masters, Zion Growers Cup (Argentina), Uruguay Cannabis Cup o la XIV Marijuana Cup (Madrid, Spain), among many others.

Psicodelicia® (SWS07)

This feminized variety of Sweet Seeds® was obtained by crossing a cutting from the United States with a landrace does not burn of intense spicy aromas. Exhibits a genetics 70% sativa hybrid, which is characterized by producing tight and dense buds covered with sticky and fine resin, as well as by offering citric aromas that combine these lemony brushstrokes with hints of coffee and undergrowth.

It was awarded the third prize in the interior category of the Litoral Poets Cup 2016 (Chile), where the high production capacity was recognized (up to 600 gr / m2 indoors and around 700 gr / plant outdoors), as well as a considerable psychoactive potency (15-20% THC), which translates into stimulating and energetic effects, which are perfect for developing different creative and artistic tasks.

The best autoflowering strains of Sweet Seeds® according to GB

On the other hand, in recent years Sweet Seeds® has expanded its range of autoflowering varieties, ostensibly improving the productive, psychoactive and organoleptic qualities of these high-level hybridizations. Due to this increase in the benefits of non-photodependent strains, as well as to guarantee greater discretion and ease of cultivation indoors and outdoors, these strains have not stopped gaining followers during the last decades. In this article, GB The Green Brand highlights Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS76) y Big Devil XL Auto® (SWS28).

Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS76)

This 5th generation autoflowering variety is included in the most distinguished selection of varieties from the Californian bay of San Francisco, among which it stands out above the rest. Gelato (Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies “Thin Mint”). To obtain this automatic strain, Sweet Seeds have crossed Gelato with Killer Kush Auto® (SWS56), which exhibits a powerful ancestry with OG Kush genes.

One of the main qualities of Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS76) is its pleasant fruity aroma with kush notes, which are intertwined with earthy and woody flavors, which evoke different nuts such as avellana and the almond. In addition, it shows other more mentholated and citrus brushstrokes, which make it an excellent option to make cannabis concentrates in the form of extractions such as BHO and rosin. Outdoor production can exceed 100 gr / plant, while indoors it reaches 500 gr / m2, after a time of about 8 weeks from the germination of the seeds.

Big Devil XL Auto® (SWS28)

3rd generation autoflowering, Sweet Seeds® breeders and geneticists have managed to genetically stabilize this famous cannabis strain by crossing Big Devil #2 Auto® (SWS20) with a strain car the Jack Herer. Likewise, a greater height has been promoted, as well as the proliferation of more lateral branches and buds, denser, thicker and wrapped in a spectacular aromatic resin.

The flavors and aromas that these beautiful flowers give off combine a touch of incense with refreshing citrus notes reminiscent of lemon. In the same way, outdoor production can reach great heights for a car, exceeding the 150 gr / plant. Regarding the awards that this non-photodependent variety has acquired, it should be noted that it was named Soft Secrets High Life Cup Car of the Year, in addition to being in first place in the Expogrow 2014 Cannabis Cup in Irún and in second place in the 2018 Esmeralda Cup in Colombia.

The best CBD-rich strains from Sweet Seeds®

The number of users, both growers and consumers, of CBD-rich varieties has increased considerably in recent years, as the scientific community continues its hard and constant work to demonstrate the different therapeutic benefits that different types of cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol present. and THC. Some of the conditions that can be treated with CBD Rich strains are stress, insomnia, anxiety, vomiting, nausea, inflammation, spasms and muscle aches, among many others. In this sense, GB highlights two acclaimed genetics as Green Posion CBD® (SWS70) y Sweet Pure Auto CBD® (SWS75).

Green Poison CBD® (SWS70)

Fast flowering feminized variety (7 weeks), exhibiting a 55% indica and 45% sativa genetic distribution. The THC: CBD ratio of this genetics ranges from 1: 1 and 1: 2, since the percentages of THC are 5-9% and CBD 5-12%. Production in open spaces can reach up to 700 gr / plant, while indoors it can reach 600 gr / m2. It stands out for its vigorous and fast growth, as well as for a prominent central tail marked by really long secondary branches. In relation to its genealogical tree, this strain was obtained from the hybridization of Green Poison® (SWS14) with a CBD rich clone with clear Diesel influence.

Sweet Pure Auto CBD® (SWS75)

Sweet Pure CBD® (SWS65) x Honey Peach Auto CBD® (SWS64) results in a sixth generation autoflowering, which is considered the first autoflowering variety of Sweet Seeds® with a THC content of less than 1%. In addition, it shows CBD percentages of up to 20%, which results in a THC: CBD ratio that is between 1:15 and 1:23. Designed for consumers with therapeutic purposes, the tiny influence of THC manages to offer medicinal benefits without experiencing any kind of side effect of altered consciousness. As for the aromas and flavors, these are rather fruity with citrus tones, combined with earthy nuances, reminiscent of cypress.

Sweet Seeds®, at the forefront of the best cannabis genetics

Whether they are photodependent, Fast Version® or autoflowering, as well as rich in CBD or with a clear American influence, in Sweet Seeds® they follow committed to offering the best cannabis strains for all types of growers and consumers, regardless of their disparate differences. Since 2006, this seed bank has positioned itself at the forefront of the national and international cannabis industry, which GB The Green Brand has wanted to endorse with this top of the best varieties according to the criteria of our team of expert editors and horticulturists.

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