Stimulator to increase performance of marijuana plants

Whether it is indoor or outdoor cultivation, in the hands of experienced or novice horticulturists, as well as using soil, coconut fiber or hydroponic systems as sustenance, use products that serve as stimulators The development of marijuana plants during growth and subsequent flowering is a fundamental task. For this reason, there is currently a large offer of this type of fertilizers, such as those that shape the extensive catalog of Boom Nutrients stimulators to buy. This specialized brand of Spanish origin has been carrying out a extraordinary research and production work of formulas that serve to qualitatively and quantitatively increase the yields.

What is a stimulator for?

As its name indicates, a stimulator is used to enhance the organoleptic properties and the productive performance of marijuana plants. Most of them are intended for the flowering phase, both to increase the number of flowers, as well as to enhance the flavors and aromas, in addition to achieving greater density, compaction and generation of resin. However, there are also another class of enhancers focused on other vital stages of the specimens, such as root stimulators, which serve to promote a greater strengthening of the roots.

Boom Nutrients Stimulators

Next, the 8 stimulators that make up the wide catalog of Boom Nutrients fertilizers are detailed, formulated with different compounds and focused on various fundamental functions to achieve the correct development of the plants. These are Roots Boom, Delta Boom, Enzym Boom, Candy Boom, Resin Boom, Compactor Boom, Super Boom y Big Boom PK.

Roots Boom, bioestimulador radicular

Considered as a high performance rooter, its activity focuses on the root system protection of the plants. It can be used in newly germinated seeds, seedlings, as well as cuttings and mother plants, where it guarantees the best results. In addition, it should be noted that due to its extraordinary composition based on Ascophyllum nodosum algae extracts, nitrogen and amino acids, it can also be used in the last stage of vegetative development, as well as during the beginning of flowering.

Some of the main functions of Roots Boom is to encourage root growth, as well as improve nutrient uptake and activate microorganisms present in the culture medium. It also serves to enhance the physicochemical properties of the substrate, in addition to increase natural defenses and stimulate the formation of leaves, branches, trunks, essential oils, resin and flowers. Therefore, this product, compatible with different irrigation methods, is essential to achieve the best quality and production of cannabis crops.

Delta Boom, based on seaweed extracts

Biostimulator for the generative stage, composed of seaweed extracts, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids, which also provides adequate doses of macro and micronutrients, essential for a correct life cycle of plants. With Delta Boom the growth of these specimens will increase significantly, being one of its main functions promote the generation of THCA, as well as promoting a higher density, resin and compaction of the flowers.

Also available in Boom Nutrients’ Auto Tripack product combination, Delta Boom will achieve a increased production of essential oils, a better uptake of nutrients and the strengthening of the natural defenses of the plants. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is one of the multipurpose Boom Nutrients stimulators, as it can be used very easily both in soil and in coco and hydroponic systems.

Regarding the way of use, must start 10 days before the start of flowering, with a spray dose of 2-3 ml / L. 10-15 days later, the same amount will be applied, while in the first week of the generative phase it will be added to the irrigation solution. Finally, it is necessary to remember that it is not compatible with non-calcareous or distilled water.

Enzym Boom, soil catalyst

Excellent complex of enzymes that serves to decompose dead roots and later transform them into nutrients that favor a correct development of the plants. This soil catalyst converts non-assimilable matter into carbohydrates, thanks to its composition based on plant enzymes that come from plants, glucosidases, amylases, cellulases and xylanases.

Another feature of Enzym Boom is preserve the substrate in the best conditions, promoting proper aeration and providing the space that the roots need. It is also a mineral and sugar releaser, which can be used in different growing methods. Regarding the application, a weekly use with a dose of 2 ml / L is convenient.

Candy Boom to enhance and sweeten the flavors

Flowering stimulator that acts as sweetener and flavor enhancer, whose formulation is composed of sugars and plant extracts such as beets, as well as macronutrients and fulvic acids. The precise doses of nitrogen and potassium allow a increased bud formation, while these organic acids amplify the assimilation of nutrients.

In the same way, it also promotes a greater production of essential oils, in addition to increase resistance and improve the appearance of plants. Quick results, a more intense green color is appreciated in a few days, as well as a greater load of resin that will raise the harvest to unsuspected levels. It should be noted that this product should be applied from the third week of flowering with a dose of 2 ml / L and increased after the fifth week of the generative stage. In addition, it can become a recommended food for beneficial fungi, bacteria and insects such as Phytoseiulus Persimilis or Spical Plus to treat spider mites, as well as Adalia Bipunctata against aphids.

Resin Boom focused on generating more resin

Totally organic additive for the flowering phase, which acts as resin, terpenes and cannabinoids elicitor. It is formulated based on free amino acids, whose main function is mimic insect wounds by means of exogenous elicitors that favor biosynthetic activity. Regarding the frequency with which Resin Boom should be applied, it is convenient to provide doses of 2 ml / L two or three times a week, which will translate into a higher concentration of cannabinoids and resin. It should be valued that can be used through irrigation or foliar way, in addition to encouraging flavors when making cannabis extractions such as rosin, BHO and hashish.

Compactor Boom, flower hardening

As can be identified by the product name, the elemental function of this stimulator is compact the buds, allowing the flowers to close and harden more quickly. This is possible thanks to the high potassium content, which also acts as an enzymatic regulator, improving photosynthetic activity and promoting the opening and closing of occlusive cells. Since it is a 100% soluble solution, can be used in hydroponic crops. In addition, it serves to optimize the flow of irrigation water, in addition to motivating a better use of CO2 and different nutrients.

Super Boom for the fattening phase

PK Stimulator 14-15 that will allow to obtain a amazing burst of buds, in addition to increasing its size and increasing the harvest while maintaining the highest quality of the flowers. Intended for the fattening phase, it is compatible with other fertilizers ideal for the generative stage, as flowering stimulators, base fertilizers and additives rich in sugars and carbohydrates. It is advisable to add 0.5-1 ml / L together with the base fertilizer, alternating irrigations with water and fertilizers, as well as to stop applying in the absence of two weeks to carry out the harvest, in order to allow an optimal cleaning of salts minerals that guarantee the best flavors of each variety.

Big Boom PK, big and abundant explosion

To achieve large and abundant harvests, it is specifically necessary to use PK stimulators that offer a high content of essential macronutrients. In this sense, Big Boom PK is one of the best fattening systems currently on the market, as it exhibits a phosphorus concentration of 54%, as well as 34% of potassium. Available in packages of 50 g, 250 g, 1 kg and 5 kg, it is fully compatible with other products in the Boom Nutrients catalog such as Bloom Boom or Candy Boom. If you do not have a consistent experience, it is recommended to use small doses and increase if we have the instruments and the time necessary to attend to the crop.

Excellent yields with Boom Nutrients stimulators

Due to the different characteristics of the Boom Nutrients brand stimulators, it is convenient to highlight the importance of using this type of product during the different life cycles of cannabis plants. Both Roots Boom for the rooting phase, as well as the rest of fertilizers for the flowering stage, allow the best conditions to achieve a copious and high-caliber harvest. Any horticulturist who is analyzing different options to give a plus to his crops, must be aware of the exceptional qualities that offers Boom Nutrients at really competitive prices.

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