GB Strains, seed bank at the forefront of cannabis

No doubt GB Strains It has deservedly managed to occupy a privileged place within the European cannabis scene, thanks to its extraordinary feminized and autoflowering varieties, the result of the hybridization of the latest trends in the American market. This seed bank, backed by the experience of GB The Green Brand (formerly Growbarato) of more than 10 years in the sector, has emerged as one of the main options for consumers and growers lovers of strains made in the USA.

For this reason, a detailed explanation of the values ​​and principles of GB Strains is carried out below, as well as its main photoperiod and automatic seeds, ideal for all kinds of growers, regardless of their experience.

Genetics of North American origin

GB Strains has put on sale an extraordinary range of photoperiod and autoflowering seeds for all tastes, differentiated by multiple factors associated with the cultivation methodology, organoleptic properties, productive benefits, as well as multiple effects for recreational and medicinal uses. The fantastic team of breeders that make up this company has made a meticulous research work and genetic selection, which has resulted in a new line of marijuana strains with high percentages of THC and CBD, as well as sweet, earthy, spicy, citrus flavors and aromas with a slight diesel background, among other nuances.

The main objective of this new and distinguished bank of recent creation, but with a demonstrable trajectory of more than 10 years in the cannabis sector, focuses on offer a careful and exclusive selection of seeds from top-level American genetics. As true fans of the recognized lineages made in the USA such as Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato or Gorilla Glue among many others, GB Strains combines the latest trends in the American market, giving rise to an explosion of flavors, aromas and colors.

Considered as “A new generation bench for a new generation of growers”, GB Strains was born with the intention of meeting the needs of cannabis growers and demanding consumers, who want to try and experiment with new varieties and cultivation methods. For this, GB The Green Brand also has an attractive line of lighting equipment for technical use in indoor crops, under the name of GB Lighting.

GB Strains feminized strains

Californian essence from the hand of GB Strains feminized seeds. The photoperiod varieties of this revolutionary bank stand out from the rest for their excellent final performance, both in crops under LED, LEC or HPS lights and outdoors, either in pot with substrate or in mother earth. Compatible with soil and coconut fiber, as well as cultivation using hydroponic and aeroponic systems, the photodependent strains guarantee extremely pleasant fragrances and tastes, as well as euphoric and relaxing sensations, depending on the variety chosen to grow. For example, Dos and Glue (Gorilla Glue # 4 x 2y2) is a 50% sativa and 50% indica hybrid that provides balanced effects, as well as a pleasant organoleptic experience, between sweet and fruity touches.

On the other hand, for lovers of classic Kush and Skunk genetics, GB Strains has Tropicanna Cookies, born from the hybridization of Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie. Able to generate plants of up to 3 meters in open spaces in stable and warm climates, it stands out for its penetrating earthy and spicy aromas. If, on the contrary, the grower or consumer opts for the Gorilla Glue lineage, he can acquire the variety New Glue, whose THC levels can reach 26% in certain phenotypes.

Similarly, horticulturists of feminized varieties can also find other excellent genetics such as Miracle Alien Cookies, Mimosa GB, Strawberry Banana, Grand Daddy Purple y Unicorn Poop, which are also easy to grow, offering optimal dry production.

Autoflowering by GB Strains, fast flowering and excellent production

For growers who are starting in this noble botanical art, as well as for those who want to make several harvests in the same year or for those who do not have the ideal environmental conditions to develop their favorite varieties, GB Strains has prepared a select collection of autoflowering seeds.

These automatic strains are born from the hybridization and genetic stabilization of widely recognized varieties, for which it has been possible to maintain the main organoleptic properties related to appearance, texture, color, flavors and aromas, as well as in reference to the different contents of CBD and THC. Among them, stands out Auto Gold Pineapple, which with a clear Californian influence as a result of the crossing of 4th Generation Pineapple Express Auto and Acapulco Gold Auto, is ideal for carrying out creative and artistic tasks from a clear mental alertness and subsequent physical relaxation.

Auto Velvet Krush (Velvet Kush x Blueberry Auto DJ Short) is characterized by interesting fragrances and musky and fruity aftertastes, which evoke grapes, blueberries, as well as spicy notes reminiscent of tea and even cheese in some phenotypes. Other autoflowering varieties that can be found in the extensive GB Strains catalog are Auto Tangerine Kush, Auto Bubblegum XXL, Auto New Glue y Auto Pluto.

CBD-based medicinal cannabis

The consolidation of cannabis medicinal Within the market, it has led numerous seed banks, including GB Strains, to promote their line of varieties rich in CBD, ideal for users with therapeutic needs. Due to the very low content of THC, the cannabinoid responsible for psychoactivity, growers and consumers can enjoy excellent organoleptic properties and high-caliber productions, renouncing the side effects of altered consciousness.

Among the most notable CBD Rich varieties of GB Strains is: Therapy CBD, obtained from the hybridization of Cannatonic and OG Kush CBD. The first of these parents is considered one of the most recognized strains in the medical marijuana market, while the second brings the characteristic citrus notes, woody with touches of fuel from its famous pedigree.

Equally, Harlequin CBD reaches the GB Strains catalog with CBD levels close to 18% and THC percentages that do not exceed 0.3%. In addition, it is worth highlighting its wide range of colors and tones, which refer to the psychedelic clothing of the historical character Harlequin. Likewise, the other CBD varieties of this seed bank are OG Kush CBD and Strawberry Cake CBD.

The latest news from GB Strains

In addition to these extraordinary genetics, GB Strains recently launched five new varieties, which also have the best productive, taste and aromatic qualities that can currently be found in the cannabis market. With a marked American touch, it offers hybrids with a majority indica influence such as Fruntz, which houses the genes for Forbidden Fruit and White Runtz.

Also, Banana Wafelz, whose outdoor production can reach 800 grams per plant dry, in addition to the delicious strain Ice Cream Cake (Wedding Cake x Gelato 33). The latest varieties belonging to this latest release are Apple Fritter (Sour Apple Killer x Animal Cookies BX2) y Auto Unicorn Poop (Auto GM Cookies x Forum Stomper).

All these seeds, like the ones mentioned above, are delivered in totally airtight packages, made of high quality and resistant plastic. They present a elegant and sophisticated design in black, guarded by a safety lock in the form of a zipper, which secures the contents of the same container. In addition, it can be used to store different items of paraphernalia such as grinders, lighters or rolling paper.

Fantastic team of breeders and geneticists

It is undeniable that, based on the evaluations of the cannabis growers and consumers who have tried GB Strains varieties, GB The Green Brand’s decade of experience and knowledge on cannabis cultivation has been amply demonstrated. The American genetics that make up the latest trends in the cannabis market are available in these magnificent photodependent and automatic seeds, which can be purchased both in the more than 40 physical stores in GB, as well as on the website itself.

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