Organic fertilizers popularity within the cannabis industry

The Organic fertilizers They have gained notable popularity within the cannabis industry in recent years, mainly due to the achievement of better flavors and aromas caused by the biological activity of fertilizers. In this sense, Boom Nutrients has wanted to satisfy the needs of organic growers by creating the line Organic, of which the root stimulator is part Organic Roots, the growth compost Organic Grow and the flowering stimulator Organic Bloom. All of them, taking into account their origin and manufacture, maintain a strong commitment to the conservation of the environment.

Organic products from Boom Nutrients

All Boom Nutrients organic products have been obtained from plant fermentations, by means of the enzymatic hydrolysis of different cereals such as rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and other types of plant materials. Likewise, minerals are acquired directly from the concentrations of plant ferments. On the other hand, it should be noted that these fertilizers and additives have the CAAE certificate, whose recognition has been granted by one of the most relevant national and international accreditation companies. The uses, compositions and characteristics of Organic Roots, Organic Grow y Organic Bloom.

Organic Roots

100% vegetable root stimulator, ideal to use during the first weeks of vegetative development, in order to ensure that the roots of the specimens are protected, as well as strong and healthy. Compound organic acids, sugars, vitamins and amino acidsIt does not contain any type of chemical compound or NPK mineral fertilizer in its formulation. Boom Nutrients has available three different sizes, 250 ml, 1 L and 5 L, to meet the needs of all horticulturists.

The main function of Organic Roots focuses on the generation of main and secondary roots, enabling a more robust and strengthened root system. In the same way, it is also capable of increasing the surface and maximize nutrient uptake, allowing optimal use of the subsequent fertilizers to be used. It should be noted that, due to its complete and rich composition, can be used on seedlings, newly germinated seeds, rooted cuttings and mother plants. Likewise, it is also possible to apply it during the rest of the growth and part of the flowering.

Organic Grow

Fully organic growth compost, which stands out for offering a high assimilation of nutrients, as well as for a formulation based on nitrogen, phosphorus and amino acids. During its manufacture, no chemical product or mineral fertilizer has been used, so it is perfect for use in ecological and sustainable crops. This product allows a optimal vegetative development of the specimens, both roots, stems and leaves, thanks to its prolific ability to satisfy all their nutritional needs.

It can be used perfectly in crops in closed spaces under spotlights, such as outdoors, allowing a greater branching, Besides the formation of shorter internodes. Likewise, it is characterized by increasing photosynthetic activity, preparing plants adequately for the subsequent generative phase. Regarding the mode of use, it is advisable to perform two applications weekly in alternate irrigations, with doses of 1-2 ml / L.

Organic Bloom

100% vegetable flowering stimulator, which focuses its activity on providing adequate doses of organic nutrients to enable a increased size and weight of the buds, as well as the enhancement of the flavors and aromas of the flowers themselves. It is formulated based on reducing sugars, phosphorous pentoxide, potassium oxide, organic nitrogen and calcium oxide, whose composition allows a greater formation of resin and THC, in addition to increasing the resistance and health of the specimens.

In reference to the Organic Bloom application, it is advisable to start using it a week before the start of the floral stage, being convenient to alternate irrigations only with water and with product in consecutive weeks. Similarly, it is necessary to stop using it within two weeks of harvest, as well as washing the roots, with the aim of promoting purer and more intense flavors and aromas.

Likewise, Boom Nutrients has also made these three fertilizers available to growers, under the name of Organic Tripack, which can be found exclusively on the website and in the more than 40 physical stores of GB The Green Brand. With this selection, the task of growing in an ecological and sustainable way will become as simple as possible, being ideal for all kinds of horticulturists, regardless of their degree of experience.

Other organic products from Boom Nutrients

In the same way, the prestigious brand Boom Nutrients also includes in its wide catalog of products for technical use in indoor and outdoor crops, a series of additives that present a remarkable organic composition, as is the case of Guano Boom, in addition to other stimulators such as Resin Boom y Enzym Boom.

Guano Boom

Ecological fertilizer for the flowering stage, obtained from the harvesting and processing of bat droppings, previously nourished with insects, fruits, rodents and nectar, among other foods. In solid format, it has a high quality composition based on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as other free amino acids. It is convenient to value that it is a product of slow release, which also works as a protector against nematodes and a fungicide against fungal chitin.

Besides, also provides enzymes to improve the quality of the soil, allowing an adequate decomposition of the organic material, an acceleration of the composting and a clear improvement of the reliability of the productions. According to the parameters set by European regulations, it can be considered fit for ecological agriculture, so it is recommended to complement other organic products of the Boom Nutrients brand.

Boom Nutrients guarantees a sustainable and ecological crop

In short, Organic de Boom Nutrients adequately responds to the demand of horticulturists who intend to carry out organic cultivation, guaranteeing optimal nutrition during the different vital stages of the specimens. With these products it is possible to carry out a sustainable cultivation, which will allow a lower environmental impact, as well as obtaining more pure and powerful flavors and aromas.

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