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We started the week with the sad news of the death of Dr. Joan Parés, friend and collaborator of Alchimia and one of the people who has worked the most for medicinal cannabis in Spain in recent years, collaborating with various platforms and sharing his knowledge with hundreds of patients who, for one reason or another, decide on the therapeutic cannabis.

Born in Barcelona, ​​Joan obtained the Bachelor of Medicine in 1974 by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​finishing his specialization in the respiratory system 4 years later, in 1978. After decades of exercise, he retired in 2010, shortly before discovering the world of medicinal cannabis and devoting himself so much to learning as in teaching.

Dr. Joan Parés

Indeed, it was not until he retired when, advised by his son, Joan went to a cannabis consumers association in order to have access to quality flowers (Joan had discovered recreational cannabis at age 20). After contacting the cannabis club The bed from Barcelona, ​​one of the most active and demanding associations on the scene, soon Joan – at the president’s request – found herself in a small office advising some of the club members about their medical problems.

After this first contact, he also began to collaborate as a volunteer with the Cat-Fac (Federation of Cannabis Associations of Catalonia) and with Kalapa Clinic, an information platform on the potential and therapeutic uses of cannabinoids. Also, a fact of which we are particularly proud, he was collaborating with Alchemy in our online Cannabis Clinic, as well as with the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis (OECM).

It was during this period that he began to give talks and conferences throughout the country, soon finding himself in close contact with activists and some of the most prestigious researchers in this field, people like Mariano García de Palau, José Carlos Bouso, Manuel Guzmán O Cristina Sanchez, among many others.

Joan Parés working with the Cat-Fac
Joan Parés working with the Cat-Fac

As you can see, we are facing a life dedicated to medicine Yet the investigation, in which medical cannabis gained special importance in recent years. From us, and from the hundreds of people you advised and helped … Thank you very much Joan, Thank you for everything!

We can only send a big hug to Joan’s family and friends, we accompany you in these difficult times.

Rest in peace.

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