King of Morocco and the Legalization of Marijuana

Despite the fact that the cultivation of cannabis continues to be an illegal activity in the country, the King of Morocco, Mohamed IV, did not cut a hair when uploading to an official Facebook management page a photograph of him wearing a T-shirt with a large marijuana leaf in the colors of the American flag. A somewhat contradictory message taking into account that the national government continues to insist on the importance of eradicating this illegal business while the Royal Gendarmes continue to make their eyesight.

Mohamed VI forgets the djellaba to take a very controversial photograph

The snapshot of the Moroccan king with his striped shirt posing so casually and showing the marijuana leaf on his chest it did not take long to travel the world. Something that is not difficult at all if you take into account that the snapshot is published on your personal Facebook account along with many other images that, of course, are quite funny if you take into account that it is the monarch of a country.

However, it seems that this image of the shirt with the marijuana leaf is not entirely real in the strictest sense of the word. That it appears on Facebook is true and that the page is authorized by the Moroccan monarch, too. However, it does not seem real that Mohamed VI made this visit to Zanzibar (which is where the photograph was taken) dressed in this guise.

king morocco t-shirt

Along with the Facebook photograph, you can read in Arabic that it is a Photoshop montage and a link is attached to the real images of the monarch’s visit and his peculiar shopping day. It should be noted that the wardrobe chosen for the occasion is not that it was much more formal and that many of the comments received criticize the person responsible for dressing the Moroccan monarch during his moments informal.

The fact is that, be that as it may, the king of Morocco has won the sympathy of marijuana fans with this curious snapshot that since last December has not stopped circulating on social networks.

Morocco’s relationship with the cannabis business

Along with Lebanon, Afghanistan or Nepal, Morocco is one of the most important marijuana producing countries in the world. A business Dark if you take into account that it is legally prohibited in the country, despite the fact that it seems that this is just a facade.

Due to its location, Morocco is in a strategic point to supply hashish to the European market and of course Spain is its main gateway. European organizations have been exerting pressure for many years to stop this illegal business of growing and trading marijuana, but far from obtaining any result, it is not only estimated that it has not been reduced but that production has already risen to more of 100,000 hectares of cultivation.

How is it possible that hashish cultivation in Morocco is increasing despite being illegal?

You don’t have to be very smart to understand that in this, as in so many other businesses, there are always interests and political influences that ultimately boil down to money. And there is no doubt that the illegal trafficking of hashish is a very lucrative business, especially if it is kept in the shadows and has to distribute among less. If, on the one hand, the Moroccan government or certain areas of it press to eradicate it and, on the other, there are those who take it crude in collusion with the Royal Gendarmerie, where is the problem?

Hundreds of Moroccans move annually to the central Rif regions, the province of Chauen, Tetouan, Larache or Sidi Kacem to assumptions industrial crops by all known and identified as marijuana plantations. Although it is true that the country carries out important anti-drug operations throughout the year in its own territory, it is no less true that according to estimates the annual gross production of cannabis in Morocco exceeds 53,000 tons and that is too much profit to distribute .

The whole north grows cannabispipes smoking marijuana

Although in recent years the crops have spread to other areas of the country, the Rif, the northern part of Morocco and also one of the poorest and most conflictive in the country, it is where the maximum production of cannabis has traditionally been concentrated.

Here growing marijuana is an open secret because, despite being prohibited by law, farmers resort to this type of crop as their only means of subsistence. The problem, obviously, is not in the cultivation of this plant itself but in the mafias with which they must contact to obtain benefits from this activity.

Mohamed V, father of the current King of Morocco, banned the cultivation and sale of cannabis, but this area historical it has always remained very far from any prohibition and despite the controls there has never been a way to end the fields of quif. Those who live in this area have denounced for many decades the political and institutional neglect to which the peasants have been subjected after the decolonization process and assure that the cultivation and sale of cannabis is the only means of subsistence that they have left.

Ending this could be the origin of an important revolution in the north of Morocco that is why it is common to hear in this area that peasants do not care whether marijuana is used for recreational or medicinal purposes: what they do not want is that they use it now their only livelihood also for political purposes.

For reasons like this the debate on the legalization of marijuana in Morocco It is especially complex since, although it is true that the peasants must be removed from the circle of the mafias, it is also necessary to find a way that their activity, from a legal perspective, remains profitable.

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