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It is certainly not the most recommended option, but it is the most common. Usually those who roll a marijuana cigarette do so by mixing cannabis with tobacco, a practice that has already been shown to be quite harmful to the lungs. If tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke are already harmful separately, if you mix them in the same cigarette the combination is even worse. Are there alternatives? Of course yes. And in this post we explain some of the most popular ones.

Linking marijuana cigarettes with tobacco substitutes

There are many people who do not want to consume nicotine when they roll a joint and who for this they resort to other natural and industrial substitutes for tobacco when rolling a marijuana cigarette.

There are those who use these methods either because they do not consider themselves tobacco smokers but only marijuana smokers and they do not want this corrupt the taste of yerba, or because they know how harmful it is to inhale the mixed smoke of both substances or because they simply prefer other alternatives less aggressive at the time of smoking a joint.

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The fact is that although the most common thing is to roll marijuana cigarettes with some tobacco, there are many other ways to mix the herb to smoke it. Here we show you some of the most popular:

  1. The passion: It is a perfect natural herb to mix with indica varieties and to smoke a relaxing joint at the end of the day. It does not have much flavor and is known for its sedative effects.
  2. El Greengo: It is a natural blend of hazelnut, eucalyptus, papaya and mint leaves that is used to enhance the effects of marijuana. Unlike tobacco, it is tarred and nicotine free, so it is not addictive. Not to be confused with Greengo rolling paper.
  3. Dry leaves: We have already commented many times that when harvesting everything, among many other things, the dry leaves are used. With them you can make a good minced to refill your marijuana cigarettes when you don’t want to use tobacco.

Many smokers are experimenting with other herbs and natural blends. This is already a matter of taste. But for example, in Amsterdam coffee shops it is forbidden to roll joints with tobacco and you have to use substitutes, so there are alternatives, it’s just a matter of trying which one is the one that convinces you the most.

The Swiss take the lead in offering alternatives

And since you have to throw your imagination into the matter, there are companies that have already decided to take the initiative and launch themselves into marketing products that replace tobacco in cannabis cigarettes. It seems that after contrasting many of the experiences of habitual smokers, the general opinion is that the best substitute for tobacco when rolling a joint is marijuana.

The Swiss company BIOCAN set to work to develop a totally natural product based on marijuana leaf that could be marketed like any other herbal herb. This is how CPURE was born, the first marijuana substitute for tobacco that is sold in the tobacconists of Switzerland as if nothing had happened.

What are the particularities of this product? Varieties of cannabis flowers containing only CBD and that therefore they are not psychoactive. The percentage of THC is negligible even in huge quantities of the product, so its sale is allowed in the same establishments where the sale of tobacco is allowed.

CPURE is a natural product made from these minced marijuana leaves and is intended to become the base of the mixture of cannabis cigarettes. Of course, Swiss law does not allow its citizens to roll up joints and smoke them just like that, so this curious product has gone on sale as something beneficial in itself, and there is talk that it can be consumed to relax or relieve stress.

At the moment the only but but this natural substance with so much potential as a substitute for tobacco is its high price: around € 60 for a sachet of only 10 grams.

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The benefits of vaporizers

All in all, if you really want to consume cannabis in a healthy way and with little harm to your lungs, the only truly alternative healthy What remains for you is to replace cigarettes with vaporizers. If we have already said that the harmful thing about this is the smoke, the definitive solution is to eliminate it and that is precisely what a vaporizer does.

If you are a chain smoker, taking this step will cost you a bit, we are not going to fool you. Is the same as replace the tobacco in your joints with other less harmful substances. Nicotine is very addicting and it is difficult to adapt to these other alternatives but once you have made the change it is not so traumatic and of course, your lungs will thank you.

With vaporizers you can continue to enjoy all the flavor, aroma and effects of marijuana with the advantage that you are not inhaling as many toxic substances as when you smoke it. The resulting steam in this type of consumption is not a steam contaminated like the smoke produced by vegetable combustion when you smoke a joint.

In this process there are toxic substances and tars that little by little remain in your lungs and that over time are a significant health risk. Vapor, on the other hand, is something clean that does not obscure the natural flavor of cannabis at all and that allows you to enjoy its essence and its effects in a very particular way.

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