Avoid Dehydration and Much Drying of Marijuana

Until you consume it, marijuana is a laborious plant in many respects. It is not that you have to leave your life in it, but it is true that if you do not know some of these particularities, you have the possibility of screwing up even at the last moment of your career as a cannabis grower: during conservation.

In this post we show you what it is the best way to preserve cannabis after drying of the plants and how to be able to enjoy it during the following months without the marijuana losing any of its natural charms.

What is the best way to preserve marijuana?

Probably on this question each fan has his preferences and his recommendations. The issue of preserving marijuana is no longer just a question of the product maintaining its optimal flavor and aroma conditions for as long as possible, but there are many tastes.

However, despite the different drying and manicuring techniques that exist and that can significantly modify the flavor of cannabis, when it is already a strict matter of conservation, the idea that the most suitable method of all seems quite widespread. They are glass jars with airtight seal.

As you know, a good drying of marijuana will take you around 20 days in a dry and dark place. Once this process is finished, the marijuana flowers, loaded with resin, must be kept in the right place so that you can consume them little by little. There are those who opt for vacuum preservation in small bags. This can be quite a practical method if you want to invest in the necessary material, if you are clear about how much you usually smoke (so you can make individual bags) and even if you want to freeze a part of your harvest.

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Freeze marijuana? Yes, of course it is possible, just like the tuppers with the lentil stew that you have left over from lunch. Also, these airtight bags are probably the best solution to do it because you make sure that your marijuana absolutely no moisture will enter it, We also have them in black and you will be able to save for a long time.

But if you want to go traditional, the glass jars with hermetic closure are what has always prevailed over any other method. Of course, you should always take into account some considerations so that everything turns out perfect:

  • For the first five days after packaging, open the jars for at least one hour a day so the marijuana breathe.
  • Make sure the jars are truly airtight or the cannabis could get too wet or dry as a result of the weather.
  • Store the jars in a dark place so that the light does not affect the trichomes, breaking down the THC and speeding up the drying of the marijuana.
  • As much as possible, continue to ventilate the jars at least once a week.

Following these recommendations, cannabis packaged in a jar of these characteristics could maintain its properties and not dry out for at least two years. But it sure doesn’t take long to finish your harvest, right?

Recover marijuana that is too dry

Have you come across remnants of a previous harvest that you no longer knew or existed? Bingo! The problem is that usually this type of findings They are not all the spectacular that we would like. After the initial surprise, you may be disappointed to discover that that little bit of marijuana that you just discovered had been stored for too long or not even dried well at the time. Total, that it is not in the optimal conditions for you to smoke it because it is clearly noticeable that it has gone from dry.

Don’t throw in the towel too soon, there are still some tricks you can use to try and get it back. If the situation is not excessively serious and you have not come across the Tutankhamun of cannabis (and we are not talking precisely about the exquisite Tutankamon seeds from Pyramid Seeds), it is likely that these tricks will help you to obtain a marijuana that, although it is not going to be the best you’ve ever tasted (they’re old tricks, not miraculous solutions), yes they are going to provide you with a herb suitable for consumption, which is saying enough.

cotton moisten

Basically what you should do when you come across dry marijuana is try to rehydrate it. And how is this done? The processes that we propose here are not complex. The really difficult thing is to get the point because What we do not want is for you to go overboard with the humidity and this causes the appearance of some type of fungus in the grass. So a lot of caution when applying these methods and above all a lot of observation!

The first remedy is to place a moistened cotton ball next to your dried cannabis sample. You open the container in which you have the yerba placed and without touching it, next to it, place the cotton moistened with water. It is assumed that very slowly the flowers will absorb this moisture that they lack and in a very short time their state of dryness will be reversed. But be careful, because you have to check the evolution of the flowers day after day to make sure that there is not an excess of humidity that can cause the appearance of fungi.
The advantage of this trick is that in addition to rehydrating your flowers you can take advantage of it to enhance lost aromas or to give your marijuana flavors that it never had. This is what happens if instead of a moistened piece of cotton you use an orange or lemon peel for rehydration.

Don’t you have patience for so much? There are those who claim that the lettuce leaf trick is much faster, simpler and more efficient. You wrap your flowers with dryness problems in a lettuce leaf and in just two hours, without any trace of smell or taste, you have your flowers rehydrated and ready to prepare a cannabis cigarette.

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