Is marijuana irrigated only with water?

Is marijuana irrigated only with water?

Just four days ago when an Instagram user asked me this question.

User: Toni13, can marijuana be grown using only water?

Me: That is the advice that drug traffickers spread since you are not going to get even a gram of marijuana.

Likewise, the expression was not the most appropriate and could have used the answer that another user gave. He said that plants are like people and only with water they do not have enough to live. Without a doubt he expressed it much better than I did. The comment I made meant that he who grows only with water will get a starving plant, full of necrosis and sick. And I make this statement because I have seen it in hundreds of cases, people who have proposed to make a culture with only water and have not finished the cultivation. If the crop fails, you will have to go buy from them. That was what I wanted to expose, of course that everyone can water as they want and with what they want, now, I always advise being efficient and using a complete liquid nutrition plan.

This crop that we see below is not mine, it belongs to a friend who uses organic fertilizers and Mycoterra. Fertilize in all the irrigations with some nutrition caps that I explain here: «How to cultivate autoflowering varieties»

Super-Cars in motherland:

Well, I don’t know what a group of users who practice the Super Soil technique understood, who started making off-key comments and I don’t understand why they said all the time that they cultivated with water and are not traffickers. I understand that there are people who find it more difficult to metabolize a phrase as I said, and they thought I was messing with them. At no time did I name the Super Soil, at any time, and they will not be able to credit it since I never mentioned it. In this cultivation technique the substrate is optimized and watered with water. This has nothing to do with the expression that I used for water alone, nothing to see.

When I was on the Cannabiscafe forum, I learned the trolling techniques they used. The first screenshot and then we’ll see what we do. I say this because I have been threatened privately, they have branded me a coward, they have filled entrances with garbage that can serve as learning for people who are just starting out. If they continue to attack I will continue to take a screenshot and I will put that list of Nicks here with their comments, we will laugh for a while, we will apply what they do.

I swear to you that I do not know these down here and I have never done anything to them, but they do make stories where they ridicule my person and my sponsor:

This riffraff above esco_green_colective He is attacking me on Instagram with another user account like alicia_ferreiros And it seems that my account has been hacked since I block it and at the hour it is sowing shit on my social networks. You may have to switch accounts.

I have 21 screenshot, collecting the insult or threat towards my person and sponsors, and the corresponding Nicks. Today it is not like before that they could troll, insult and threaten without consequences. The ability of this brawl is to sow chaos and destruction, create disinformation. They even called me on my personal phone and I didn’t pick it up. If they continue down the path of harassment, I will have to make themselves available to our attorney.

Salut and good smoke for good people.

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