6 weeks and 5 days, Lec + Led Solux. Current crop update.

6 weeks and 5 days, Lec + Led Solux. Current crop update.

First of all, to say that I have been making an entry that has taken me 9 years to make, more specifically from 2012 until today that I am writing this entry. This photograph below explains a lot about the many advantages of growing with this mixed Lec + Led luminaire system. I highlight 3 great advantages and I already tell you that all this will be treated in more depth in the entry that I am doing:

-Maximum gr / w efficiency.

-great energy savings. I start with 200W and it is not until the 3rd week of flowering that is when I connect the LEDs.

-The luminaire adapts to plants and forms a surface that absorbs 100% of the light emitted by the luminaires. Spigotting is avoided with light molding.

Update 6 weeks and 5 days:

In the photo above and just to the right we see a specimen whose buds look like blackberries or blueberries, it is very beautiful and very large.

In the photograph below we see a couple of copies of No. 2, the bat is 60 centimeters long and is eaten by this pair of plants:

6 weeks and 5 days, Lec + Led Solux.-2

In the photograph below we see a pair of No. 3 that strikes me a lot to a variety that grows over 2010. Stony buds, very hard and still need to get fat and mature:

6 weeks and 5 days, Lec + Led Solux.-3

Closer to this No. 3 is to eat it:

6 weeks and 5 days, Lec + Led Solux.-4

No. 3 color expression:

In a few days I will start washing the roots.


-Working with this type of luminaire, the optimum temperature was 27º and that is what I apply today. The last days I will lower it to 24º.

-In the aspect of water consumption, the increase that I have noticed with this current weather on the Valencian coast is impressive. The plants look like sponges and hardly any liquid drains. There is no accumulation of salts.

-I add another fan to the crop, the buds begin to have a considerable size.

This approaching stage is very important. Hopefully not fail, salut.

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