Is it efficient to grow automatic plants at 12/12?

Is it efficient to grow automatic plants at 12/12?

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As an introduction to this article I will say that it would be the year 2010 or 2011 when I did tests with automatics that claimed to be commercially called first generation. The test consisted of growing an automatic the same as a normal variety, that is, at 18/6 in growth and 12/12 in flowering. There were 3 times that I grew the automatic ones with this commented schedule, and the result was plants that did not compact the buds and clearly the plant asked for more light. It was not efficient to grow automobiles indoors with 12 hours of light. As a luminaire he used sodium.

Year 2021, the automatic varieties have advanced a lot, as well as the luminaire that grows them. I decide to check with the luminaire that I have today, Lec Selecta II 630W and Led Kappa100W, and a super automatic, if applying 12 hours of light it is efficient to grow automatic.

Before entering the matter, two things must be mentioned:

1st-To say that this type of automatic plant does not respond to any photoperiod, and it does not matter how many hours of light we apply, that they will go to “their fucking ball” and complete their days of life. That is, even if we put a photoperiod of 4/20 (only 4 hours of light), they will complete their days of life.

2nd-It is a light-devouring plant and for efficient cultivation it is grown with a 20/4 photoperiod.


Last year, 2020, I grew automatic varieties and applying a photoperiod of 20/4 I obtained plants that were around 100 grams. Here I leave a couple of photographs so they are not just words and you can see what came out. Today’s luminaire and plants are not what there were 10 years ago:

Is it efficient to grow automatic plants at 12/12? -2

Hard and compact buds. A good production.

When I started my current cultivation I thought it would be a good test to do what I did 10 years ago, to grow an automatic with the photoperiod of a normal plant and see if it is efficient to cultivate it now. I am writing this article at the end of the 3rd week of flowering and the truth is that the current result is much better than I expected and the plant is budding well and even seems more outstanding than the others. I almost always work with 16 plants and in the closet I have 17 left, I have to discard one, and I thought it would be the automatic plant, but not the same, since its evolution is very acceptable and it is very interesting to see how far it can go. In the photograph below you can see, it is the one with the white container:

Is it efficient to grow automatic plants at 12/12? -3

Now come the days where you will see how far this super automatic can go. Will it be efficient to grow them at 12/12 ?:

Is it efficient to grow automatic plants at 12/12? -4

Here below we see a general appearance of the crop on its 22nd day of flowering, 3 weeks and one day, the visual aspect is good:

Is it efficient to grow automatic plants at 12/12? -5

When the cultivation is finished I’ll put the result here.

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