How to Choose the Right CBD Gummies for You

How to Choose the Right CBD Gummies for You

It’s no secret that CBD’s only grown in popularity over the last year, but in all the ways you can consume them, gummies are among the most popular.

Gummies are among the most convenient and discreet ways to get your daily dose of CBD, but more than that, they’re actually fun! With a slight chew and a sweet-to-tart taste, gummies nullify the bitterness that sometimes accompanies CBD. And with its ease of use and unassuming appearance, gummies turn your CBD break into a tasty treat—any time, anywhere.

However, with a growing market, there are countless options to choose from. And while this can very much be a good thing, it’s important to know that not all of them are worth your money, which makes it crucial that you do your due diligence when seeking out quality gummies.

Choosing Reputable Brands

In such a vastly growing market, every brand is going to claim that their CBD is the best, when in reality, so many have a deep lack of quality, transparency, or customer service.

So how do you recognize a reputable brand?

Online presence is going to be especially telling; are the site’s product reviews up to date? Is anyone else recommending them? Are they active on social media?

Check out reviews on other sites as well, and take a look at customer reviews across third-party sources.

The information a site puts out can also say a lot about its reputability, because when they employ good methods, they’re going to want to brag about it! But when a company says very little on their “about us” page, you can safely assume that they’re either being lazy, or simply have little to talk about.

But now, let’s dive a little deeper, and take a closer look at some of the major factors in determining a solid CBD gummy brand.

CBD Sourcing

Probably above all, the sourcing of the gummy brand’s CBD is a thing to look for, and what type of CBD is being used.

And sourcing is going to say a lot about the CBD, because like all plants, cannabis is deeply affected by climate and soil conditions. It’s been widely observed that the best hemp comes from North America, where conditions are most ideal, and will result in a better concentration of CBD. On top of that, make sure to choose a brand that sources from pesticide-free farms.


While quality CBD matters, it’s not going to be so significant if the rest of a gummy’s ingredients are sub-par.

Many brands will load their CBD gummies with dyes and chemicals, but there are plenty more that offer options with good ingredients that’ll make your gummies extra tasty. Plus, there are plenty of vegan and gluten-free options as well.

When choosing the right CBD gummies for you, take some time to research the ingredients that’ll be best for your diet, and keep an eye out for the brands that utilize them. Likewise, just avoid the CBD gummy brands that fail to even list their ingredients.

Clear THC Labeling

CBD and THC are both found in hemp, and while they’re relatives, they share one big difference: THC is psychoactive and can cause a state of euphoria, or “high,” while CBD will not have this effect.

CBD is typically either sold in three forms: full spectrum, which means it contains all cannabinoids, including some THC, broad spectrum, which uses all cannabinoids except for THC, and CBD isolate, which only includes CBD, period.

All forms of CBD have their own different benefits, but it’s important that a company clarifies which one they use for the CBD gummies. And while almost all CBD on the market comes from hemp, check that the brand states whether their CBD comes from hemp or marijuana, and make sure that if there is THC in the gummies, that they clearly state how much.

Independent Lab Testing

While there are no government regulations placed to guarantee the efficacy of CBD gummies, companies can prove the quality of their products through third-party lab testing.

And big emphasis on “third-party,” because this ensures that the products have been tested on an unbiased basis. These tests should be easily accessible, and include testing for contaminants like pesticides, molds, and heavy metals, along with the CBD and THC levels.

Additionally, stay away from companies that make bold claims about their CBD gummies. Companies should never make medical or health-related claims about CBD, as they do not have the grounds, and there is currently no evidence to back them up.

Our Commitment to Responsibility

At JustCBD, it’s our mission to help our audience find the best CBD products available on the market, while offering the utmost transparency for our own products.

And this doesn’t just apply to CBD gummies; with a line ranging from honey sticks, to tinctures, to bath bombs, we strive to have something for everyone.

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