How can you tell if a person smokes marijuana

Marijuana use does not necessarily have to be harmful, as long as it follows reasonable patterns.

In fact, as with wine or beer, measured and controlled consumption can even be beneficial in certain respects: its relaxing effects and some specific therapeutic properties are well known.

As with any other substance, problems usually come when consumption is beyond the control of the subject, and especially if he has developed an addiction.

In these cases, external intervention may be necessary to help the runaway consumer. To do this, we must be sure that marijuana is the cause of the problems we observe.

How can you tell if a person smokes marijuana

What is clear is that, if it is done sporadically and control is maintained, the symptoms of a person who smokes marijuana are practically impossible to detect, since the effects are very mild, and they also disappear in three or four hours.

The only exception in this case is that you smoke secretly at home or at your workplace. The unmistakable and persistent smell of marijuana would give it away, even many hours after smoking. And that, as long as they know the smell in their environment, of course. Because a person ignorant of the aroma could easily mistake it for that of the garlic flower or similar plants.

Another very different story is that the consumption is excessive and continuous, in which case physical and behavioral changes occur that may be indicative of problematic addiction.

Symptoms of a person who smokes marijuana

Main visible symptoms when you smoke marijuana excessively son:

  1. Red and glassy eyes
  2. Motor incoordination
  3. Lack of concentration
  4. Uncontrolled laughter or euphoria
  5. Lack of notion of time

In addition, there can be a sudden transition from a state of euphoria to one of apathy or deep sleep, and episodes of sudden and unbridled hunger are often observed.

These visible symptoms refer to excessive smoking, not an overdose. In the latter case, the most advisable thing is to refer the smoker to a health center, and stop inquiring. The hospital will take care of that.

In the case of addiction, behavioral symptoms include changes in behavior, unexcused absences from classes or the job, apathy and drowsiness. If the addict lacks marijuana, nervousness and / or aggressiveness appear.

The definitive tests

Everything we have discussed above is very good. But sadly, we have to add that all these signs or symptoms may point to marijuana use, but they are not definitive:

On the one hand, all of them are susceptible to being caused by other substances that have nothing to do with marijuana.

On the other hand, inappropriate and asocial behaviors are not exclusive to excessive consumption or addiction to marijuana, but are common to other addictions, with the exception of tobacco.

So how do you definitely know if a person smokes marijuana? Well, there are only three possibilities to confirm consumption with certainty: catch the consumer red-handed, find out if they have tools or raw materials at home, and carry out a saliva or blood test.

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