Who Consumes the Most Marijuana in the World: Country Ranking

It might be thought that the habits of marijuana use they are more deeply rooted in Arab countries and in some eastern areas, due to historical and tradition reasons. Nothing could be further from the truth:

A study conducted by UNODC (United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime) reveals surprising facts. In fact, few will be able to guess which country is the absolute leader in the consumption of marijuana, if they do not take a look at the UNODC list first.

Do you want to know what country it is? Are you interested in knowing who uses marijuana in higher percentages? Well keep reading:

Which are the countries that consume the most marijuana?

The United Nations report is quite recent, specifically from 2018. It refers to the percentage of inhabitants who have used marijuana during the indicated year.

The first classified is Israel, and in addition to being the unsuspected leader, it is an outstanding champion, since it practically doubles the percentage of the second country on the list:

  1. Israel: 27%
  2. EE. UU .: 17%
  3. Chile: 15,1%
  4. Canada: 14.7%
  5. Nigeria: 14,3%
  6. New Zealand: 13.9%
  7. France: 11.1%
  8. Bermuda: 10.9%
  9. Australia: 10,4%
  10. Spain: 9.5%

We see that Spain is in a modest tenth place. But there is no need to worry. In the European ‘ranking’ we are the runners-up, just behind France. With a little effort, even if the World Cup is unattainable, we can still win the ‘Champion’s League’ of the consumption of maría.

Marijuana use in Spain: who uses the most marijuana?

This other statistical study is from 2020, and has been carried out by the Ministry of Health of our country. Let’s see where are those who smoke marijuana more and less frequently:

The national champions

The outstanding Balearic leadership is surprising, and that the top positions are taken over by southern regions, with the exception of La Rioja:

  1. Balearic Islands: 20.5%
  2. La Rioja: 14.5%
  3. Catalonia: 14.1%
  4. Murcia: 13,6%
  5. Valencia: 13,4%

The bottoms of the Spanish ‘ranking’

Curiously, the three Spanish territories with the most Arab influence turn out to be who use marijuana to a lesser extent:

  1. Melilla: 5,0%
  2. Ceuta: 6,0%
  3. Andalusia: 6.3%
  4. Castilla-La Mancha: 6.3%
  5. Cantabria: 6,6%.

The other autonomous communities are located in no man’s land, when it comes to the consumption of marijuana, with percentages ranging between 7.7% in Asturias and 13.1% in Navarra.

The national average calculated by the Ministry of Health is 10.5%. And, if we look at it, marijuana use in Spain has increased by one percentage point, compared to 2018. We already have France a stone’s throw away, and it may be a matter of a short time before we snatch the title of European champions in consumption. of marijuana.

Jokes aside, the truth is that all these classifications are very entertaining, especially if you take the matter as something anecdotal. Because the ‘crux’ of the matter is not knowing how many people have ever smoked marijuana in a whole year. That data, by itself, does not tell us much.

We believe that the important thing is not that, but to try to approximate the percentage of people whose consumption is excessive or problematic. And for now, UNODC and our Ministry of Health have not done their homework for this pending issue.

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