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Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects 16 million Brazilians, according to data from the WHO (World Health Organization), and the agency noted an increase of 61.8% of cases in the last ten years. The disease causes the person not to produce insulin or not use it correctly. This blood sugar imbalance caused by diabetes can be controlled with CBD (cannabidiol).

CBD can treat diabetes symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, tiredness, weight loss, excessive hunger and thirst, mood swings and other consequences of the disease ranging from Type 1 diabetes to Type 2 diabetes.

But it’s not just the symptoms of diabetes that CBD can treat. Cannabinoids could even prevent the development of the disease.

A study conducted by one of the world’s leading authorities on cannabis, researcher Raphael Mechoulam, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, pointed out that “CBD significantly reduces the incidence of diabetes in mice from an incidence of 86% in mice not treated with cannabidiol for an incidence of 30% in mice treated with CBD.”

In addition to the common symptoms generated by diabetes, patients with the disease can develop liver problems, such as fatty liver, the famous fat in the liver.

Research carried out in the United States provides evidence that cannabinoids play an important role in the modulation of fatty liver.

Given these results, the researchers said that cannabinoids, including CBD, present a good opportunity for the development of drugs to treat liver diseases, including hepatic steatosis, which can develop in people with diabetes.

Obesity is also a problem, as the accumulation of fat increases the production of insulin by the pancreas. Study shows that there is a correlation between obesity and Type 1 diabetes.

Therefore, CBD can be a way to fight anxiety and, consequently, prevent the development of the disease.

CBD helps to fight anxiety, depression, binge eating and even sedentary lifestyle, since the cannabinoid helps in regulating mood, giving more energy, and its anti-inflammatory action can help fight the pain caused by practices sports, for example.

Thus, CBD directly helps combat diabetes, its symptoms, complications and its development in the face of comorbidities such as obesity.

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