How can you make your own cuttings from Marijuana plants?

If you have grown a good variety and you want to take cuttings from it, you must follow the following steps. Here we describe them briefly, but later we will publish more information on this topic, which is very interesting.

First a stem is cut from the plant from which we take out some roots; To root out the stem, we use rooting hormones. There are several products for making cuttings, the most effective is to use one in the form of a gel, which can be found in any grow shop, although you can also find powdered or liquid products.

As the stem without roots cannot yet absorb water, we must wait for the first roots to form. We must keep our cutting in a humid environment, preferably in some type of mini-greenhouse to guarantee the best environment. The humidity level has to be around 70 to 80% until the first roots of the plant form.

The ideal temperature to maintain in this process is between 20 and 25 °.

A good medium for making cuttings is rock wool. Several manufacturers offer this product: trays with rock wool studs that have measurements of between 5 and 8 centimeters.

When the first roots appear, it is advisable to use a rooting product, very important for a good root base to form faster.

The advantage of a good mother plant is that the cuttings of the plant come with the same characteristics of the mother plant: resistance, growth rate and with more or less the same productivity. That is, the cutting inherits all the good genetics from the mother.

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