Is it necessary to pay less attention to the cultivation of maria with hydroponics?

Many growers who are interested in hydroponics to grow Marijuana have the misconception that growing with hydroponics is like automating a cannabis grow. Nothing is further from reality.

Hydroponics applied to Marijuana and to any crop requires much more dedication than any other form of cultivation, yes, that dedication is the one that generates the most satisfaction.

Keep in mind that a hydro system is a literal way of feeding the plant “in vein”, directly to the root.

That said, it must be considered that hydro systems are generally closed water circuits. Well, anyone who has had a large or small fish tank or the typical crystal ball will have happened that after a couple of days without cleaning it or changing the water, they could hardly see the fish from the organic dirt that was in the water and from the stifle that permeated everything, including pipes, water pump, filter … Well now imagine that in a hydro system: clogged pipes, filters and drippers, blocked hydraulic pumps, roots full of fungi and bacteria … A disaster!

There are specific products on the market for hydroponics, especially nutrient bases, stimulators and the so-called “clean”, which prevent all the problems that we have mentioned before. But even so, hydro systems can never be left unattended.

Well done and above all well cared for hydroponics is the most efficient growing system.

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