Growing cheap marijuana outdoors

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The marijuana cultivationAt first, it may seem somewhat complicated, for which some say it requires a great deal of money, space and effort. In this aspect, as in many others, SantYerbasi tends to oppose those who try to confuse the user, in search of greater economic benefit, and from this post we are going to talk about how to grow cheap marijuana and 100% ecological.

Cheap marijuana growing

Most growers who are interested in self-cultivation tend to think about the savings it entails not having to buy something that can be produced at home on the black market, for a low cost, also obtaining greater control over what is consumed. It is at this point where the first important detail appears: Is it expensive to grow our own marijuana? it’s possible grow cheap marijuana? The answer to these questions is easy and simple: The cultivation of marijuana for self-consumption is relatively inexpensive, and it becomes more expensive depending on the limitations we have.

If our mission is to grow cheap marijuana, we must bear in mind one very important thing: The most economical cannabis cultivation is outdoor cultivation, since on the one hand the sunlight is free (for now, since some political parties seem to want to put a tax on this star as well), and on the other yield per plant is usually considerably higher. These are two parameters to take into account, since with few plants (3-4 of medium size) we can meet the needs of an average consumer for the whole year.

Although many tend to think that cannabis grown indoors is of higher quality than that grown outdoors, in our view, marijuana plants grown outdoors (well cared for) have nothing to envy those indoors. Obviously, some limitations may appear (not having a space such as a terrace, balcony, or land) that make it impossible to grow outdoors, and that force us to think about the option of growing marijuana indoors, but whenever possible, our advice is to make our outdoor self-cultivation.

outdoor marijuana

Products needed to grow cannabis

Obviously the first step to be able to grow marijuana is to get some seeds. Today the price of a cannabis seed can range between € 5-€ 20, depending on whether we buy them per unit, in packages of 3 seeds, 5 seeds … the wide range of seeds offers us varieties for all tastes and purposesOur advice is not to save on the purchase of seeds, since the price of these, compared to the yield obtained per plant, makes small price variations derisory. As an example we put a culivador / -a X, who arrives at the store asking for seeds of the variety you like the most: Jack Herer. It is widely known that Jack Herer is one of the most expensive seed varieties on the market, which can make a pack of 3 feminized seeds cost € 60. The customer’s response is usually that they are very expensive and that they are looking for something cheaper. Our opinion on this is that there are hundreds of high quality varieties for a much cheaper price That will probably leave us very satisfied, but if we are clear that this specific variety is the one we like the most, are we going to change it for one that we do not like so much, for a € 40 difference compared to the average price of a pack of 3 seeds?

Equation: About cost of the seed / production of grams per plant

Cost of feminized Jack Herer seeds: € 20 / seed
Production expectation: 300-600 grams per plant.
Differential per seed, compared to cheaper marijuana seeds: € 15 / seed.

€ 15/300 grams: € 0.05 per gram, an increase for smoking our favorite variety (taking the minimum production as a reference. If we take a production of 600g per plant as a reference, the differential would be € 0.025 / gram of increase) .

After this reflection, many will understand that € 0.05-0.025 / g more is so ridiculous that they probably won’t care if there are cheaper ones.

For those who, even so, continue to opt for a cheaper choice, do not worry, there are many, and as we have previously commented, the quality of a variety is not linked to its price (which has more to do with other factors). .

Continuing with the necessary products for a growing marijuana outdoorsOnce the seeds that we will grow have been chosen, there are two more vitally important points: A quality substrate, and some fertilizers for growth and flowering.

Choosing the best soil for cannabis?

The substrate is very important since it will be the medium to which the plants are taken, and through which they will obtain the necessary food for their correct development. Therefore, there is no doubt that saving at this point (buying brands of dubious reputation or origin) does not make sense.

Our experience tells us that there are many brands specialized in the production of soil for growing marijuana (with ideal pH and EC values ​​for its development), for a similar market price, and sometimes even cheaper than other gardening brands. .

We understand land as a mixture of substrates (peat, coconut fiber, perlite, …) that achieves a balance in which plants develop better. At the time of deciding which substrate suits us depends on several factors, being probably the most important the amount of nutrients contained in it. Substrates are typically categorized as High Subscriber, Low Subscriber, or Medium Subscriber. As this classification well describes, how pre-fertilized a substrate is, gives us an idea of ​​how long that substrate will resist without the need for fertilizers.

Obviously a substrate contains a limited amount of fertilizers, and therefore makes it essential to use fertilizers that complement it, if we want the plants to develop to the maximum.

Understanding that there is no land that guarantees us a whole crop without the need to pay, the choice of one or another type of land does depend on our budget (since those most economical substrates are those that will require action on our part first, while those with more subscribers, offer us more time until the need of the subscriber).

It is therefore clear that regardless of how pre-fertilized the substrate is, if what we are looking for is a cheap quality substrate, the best option is little fertilized land.

Cheap cannabis fertilizers

As we have commented, the important thing when we want to obtain a good production is that our plants do not lack anything. This that many companies can use to sell dozens of products, the only thing that means is that what is really essential is a fertilizer for growth and a fertilizer for flowering (The first will be in charge of keeping our plant green, while the second will provide the necessary nutrients to achieve a higher density of the flowers).

If we are talking about achieving a cheap crop, our recommendation is to buy these fertilizers and that’s it, since the rest of the products, although beneficial, are not essential.

In a previous article we talked about best fertilizers for growing cannabis (From here we recommend reading it), in which we explained the different available fertilizer formats (liquid or solid, as well as mineral and biological). Following our topic for today on cheap marijuana growingWe encourage you to use powdered fertilizers, not only for a much lower cost than liquid ones, but also for their ease of use, and for the little that they require from the action of the grower, who should only add them to the surface of the substrate once every 15 days (unlike liquids that will require the grower to prepare the mixture each time irrigation is carried out).

cheap marijuana growing Powder fertilizer brands

Being more explicit with which fertilizers are needed, our recommendation is two: worm humus and bat guano. The worm castings will provide the necessary humic acids to keep the plant green and healthy, while the bat guano will provide the phosphorus and potassium necessary to achieve greater production of flowers and resin.

cheap substrates Cheap fertilizers

Autoflowering cultivation outdoors

Outdoor cultivation is not exclusive to photodependent varieties. More and more, outdoor growers are looking at the characteristics of autoflowering seeds for their cultivation. These types of varieties can be grown throughout the year, and have a much faster life cycle than normal varieties, which guarantees more crops, faster (although it is true that the production per plant is notably lower).

At the level of requirements, automatic seeds have the same basic needs as other varieties, with the only peculiarity of its rapid cycle, which determines the choice of the appropriate pot for its cultivation. If, due to hours of daylight in our location, due to dedication, or the need for a harvest soon, we opt for this type of varieties, from here we can guarantee that the result will be satisfactory, especially if we opt for any of the XL autoflowering seeds.

For those who have never planted autoflowering seeds, we recommend several articles available on our blog, in which we talk about how to get the most out of these special genetics. In summary, we will tell you that these types of varieties obtain their best results when they receive as much light as possible (and therefore outdoors between the months of May and July), they require less space (since they do not usually exceed 1, 5 meters high) and fewer nutrients (its very short life cycle, and its compact size makes its nutrient consumption noticeably lower).

Conclusions about the cost of growing marijuana

As we have explained, whenever we grow outdoors, the costs of growing marijuana are very low. If we have a space where we can grow, we can obtain a harvest for the whole year, for a budget of no more than € 50-€ 100, which compared to the price, for a similar amount on the black market, is ridiculous. Undoubtedly, those who seek to carry out their self-cultivation, will not only obtain their flowers for an extremely cheaper price, it is also likely that they will improve the quality of what they consume.

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