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We have recently added one of those banks that one is proud to work with to our catalog. We are talking about Elev8 Seeds, who thanks to their work philosophy and also – why not say it – to their contacts in the world of breeding of cannabis, have achieved a genetic base with which to develop new hybrids of true madness, combining some of the most revered plants of the last decades and always with excellence in its results as a goal.

Today we want to propose you to know a little more about this interesting seed bank that, as you will see, has very clear ideas regarding the creation of new varieties. Job well done and stabilized genetics, using only top-quality plants and discarding, on many occasions, crosses that would have been the dream of many other banks. We present to you the bank of the USA: “Elev8 Seeds“.

Elev8 Seeds, top quality cannabis strains

Elev8 Seeds, breeding from champions

Based in Seattle (USA) in the beautiful state of Washington, but with strong ties to California, this company was born with a clear purpose: to make available to users some of the most prestigious and famous cannabis plants of the last decades in seed form, so that any grower in the world has access to such precious treasures. After many fiascos germinating hundreds of seeds, and thanks to their many contacts in the world of cannabis breeders, they soon had a elite clone collection that allowed them to start a breeding and production program of first-class hybrids based on three clear principles:

  • Preserve and give your customers access to classics from the world of cannabis In seed form, to those elite clones from a few decades ago and that today may sound like fairy tales for the new generations: UK Cheese, Cinderella-99, Sour Diesel… are just some of them – increasingly difficult to find – that Elev8 Seeds works with in some of its hybrids, to the delight of both the old school grower and the young person who wants to enjoy these. legendary clones. And, as we say, these clones are increasingly difficult to find, either in the form of a well-stabilized seed that is faithful to the original, or in the form of a cutting.
  • Preserve and give your customers access to latest elite clones and awarded in seed form. In a similar way to the previous one, but this time working with “fashionable” plants, with those plants that many can only aspire to grow in dreams: Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, Gorilla Glue O Runtz, are some examples, although as you will see many others also work cutting-edge cuttings. And not only by crossing two plants with each other and ending the job, but by stabilizing the genetics – basically through backcrosses – until we get versions that are truly faithful to the original plant or cutting, which we want to replicate in seed form.
  • Develop and market new hybrids exclusively from elite genetics. Likewise, in the creation of new varieties it is not worth simply crossing one plant with another and offering the result. The strict QA from this bank, causes most of these new hybrids to be discarded for not complying with the high standards that have been set, which offers the client a guarantee that what finally reaches their hands are genetics with truly tested results and , of course, well above the usual.

Elev8 Seeds' Cinex produces large amounts of resin
Elev8 Seeds’ Cinex produces large amounts of resin

Following this line of work, in Elev8 Seeds There are no barriers when creating new varieties, and aware of the demand from very disparate growers, they offer seeds of all kinds, from backcrosses in Regular to Feminized format and even autoflowering seeds. Let’s now review the Elev8 Seeds genetics that we have available in the Alchimiaweb catalog.

Elev8 Seeds regular seeds

Without a doubt, one of the most desired varieties in recent years is Do-Si-Dos, originating from a cross between OGKB and Face Off OG by Archive Seed Bank. Well, in Elev8 they got down to work and created several hybrids from this spectacular genetics, so we offer you two true champions like Dosi Sherbet (a cross of Do-Si-Dos with 2 Scoops awarded in High Times 2018) and Dosi-D, this time combining it with the legendary Chem D.

For its part, Cinex by Elev8 Seeds is a cross between its own Cinex (a clone only found almost by chance) and a hybrid between the no less famous C-99 Y Vortex de Subcool The Dank. A plant that, above all, stands out for its very fast flowering, which is usually about 7 weeks in indoor crops, and with a yield that can reach g / w!

Dosi Sherbet from Elev8 Seeds is a guarantee of quality
Dosi Sherbet from Elev8 Seeds is a guarantee of quality

Elev8 Seeds feminized seeds

The offer of feminized seeds from this bank is quite wide, an impressive collection of crosses between plants that represent a quality standard in themselves. Mainly, and as we will see, they develop different genetic lines from a clone crossed with different parents.

Elev8 Seeds with Wedding Cake genetics

At this point, no one can doubt the quality in terms of organoleptic properties, effect and resin production of this plant. Simply, whoever tests it falls in love with his creamy and intense flavor!

Aware of this, Elev8 Seeds have crossed this coveted clone with some of the best plants of the moment, giving rise to a series of hybrids that will leave even the most experienced and veteran growers with their mouths open. These are some of these hybrids that we have available:

Elev8 Seeds Head Cake is a good producer
Head Cake from Elev8 Seeds is a good producer

Elev8 Seeds with Gelato genetics

Gelato has represented a true revolution in the world of cannabis cultivation thanks to its numerous – and tasty – phenotypes. Among all of them, perhaps the one that stands out the most is # 33, also known as Larry Bird. How could it be otherwise, at Elev8 they started a breeding program based on this spectacular plant, giving rise to a series of crosses of simply astonishing quality. We present some of them:

Spectacular Gelatomo bud from Elev8 Seeds
Spectacular Gelatomo bud from Elev8 Seeds

Elev8 Seeds with Purple Punch genetics

In a previous article we already told you all about the history of Purple Punch, one of the most celebrated plants in recent years and used in many new varieties for its remarkable features. Of course, it didn’t take long for Elev8 to get the famous “Alpha Cut” and soon they were able to present a series of hybrids that stand out for their outstanding resin production. Here are some of them:

Elev8 Seeds with Girl Scout Cookies genetics

Finally, we have two feminized varieties created from the clone Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, a cruce enters Durban Poison Y AND Kush that has given a lot to talk about in recent years and that has led to the appearance of countless new hybrids with a quality beyond any doubt. Without a doubt, the favorite of many!

As you can see, Elev8 offers us endless crosses that are more than interesting, most of them made with 100% American genetics and, in this case, also in the form of feminized seeds, something that is not usually too common coming from a seed bank across the Atlantic. We encourage you to try some of its varieties, we have already done it and the truth is that the results are spectacular!

Happy harvests!

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