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Without a doubt, and especially after having achieved a considerable number of awards in some of the most prestigious cannabis cups in the United States in record time, one of the genetics with the most hype of the moment is Runtz de Cookie Fam. And it is that this spectacular variety has produced phenotypes of a truly amazing quality, in the same way that it has been used as a parent to create several first-class hybrids, which have conquered the hearts of amateurs, professionals and cup judges alike.

Such has been the stir created by the Runtz which, only three years after having seen the light in California, was named variety of the year 2020 by the prestigious platform Leafly, an award worthy of the impact created by this plant. But let’s not go ahead and start from the beginning … what are the origins of the Runtz?

The Runtz variety has become a true phenomenon

Origin of Runtz

It seems that it all started in the same place that has seen many other legendary plants born within the cannabis scene, which is none other than California. It was December 2017 when a rapper (Yung LB) collaborating with the team of Cookie Fam de Berner presented some Runtz flowers in the Santa Rosa Emerald Cup. After this debut, in which many already appreciated that they were facing something very special, their popularity has not stopped growing thanks in part to the market strategy of Cookie Fam, creators of the Cookies genetics and the first brand to commercialize the variety. It is necessary to point out that, from what seems to be part of Yung LB, two people more related to the Berner brand would be involved in the birth of the Runtz: Nick Y Ray.

Again, and in the same way that happened with the famous variedad Girl Scout Cookies Years ago, Berner’s good marketing hand (and the guys at Runtz Crew) made the popularity of Runtz rose like foam, soon becoming one of the most demanded genetics in American dispensaries. In a short time, and as is often the case with this type of variety, several could already be found among the most elite circles. Runtz phenotypes selected by growers across the country, as well as a good number of genetics developed from Runtz, both new hybrids and versions of the original.

Rapper and breeder Yung LB, creator of the Runtz
Rapper and breeder Yung LB, creator of Runtz

Runtz genetics

To develop this excellent work of breeding, Yung LB, Nick and Ray crossed two of the most famous plants of the moment, in a cocktail that, seen now and in perspective, had all the numbers to become a winner. And it is that using the – considered by many – the best Gelato clone that can be found, the Gelato #33 (also known as “Larry Bird“by the dorsal of the mythical basketball player) and put it together with a plant like Zkittlez it can only give a really amazing result!

Indeed, and as you know, within Gelato genetics there are several selected clones by the same breeder (Mr. Sherbinski) that stand out for their creamy, sweet and slightly fruity flavors, which are usually known by the label number they carried when selected. Perhaps the most famous are # 33, # 41, # 45 and # 47, all of them with their own organoleptic characteristics that make them distinguishable from each other. Well, many of those who have tried all of them will tell you that, without a doubt, # 33 would be one of the best Gelato that can be found, so the choice of Yung LB and company was not at all wrong.

Runtz XL Auto by Sweet Seeds, one of the auto versions created from Runtz
Runtz XL Auto de Sweet Seeds

On the other hand, what can we say about Zkittlez that has not already been said? Created from Grape Ape and Grapefruit by Terp Hogz Y 3rd Gen Family, this strain has been racking up accolades since 2015, and is considered by many to be one of the tastiest cannabis plants on the scene. With a medium THC content and not exactly a champion in terms of bag appeal or appearance is concerned, its very intense taste and aroma of fruit candies It compensates for any shadow it may have, and makes it one of the most demanded genetics in recent years.

Runtz flavor and aroma

Coming from these two parents, it is not surprising that one of the most characteristic and interesting features of Runtz is its pungent aroma of fruit candy, sweet, with creamy notes reminiscent of dairy products and marked nuances to fuel that put the finishing touch to a flavor that is hard to forget. This persists for a long time on the palate, giving the feeling that we can still taste it after exhaling.

The appearance of the flowers is sensational, with a thick resin cover that covers calyxes and leaves alike and that contrasts with the pink and purple tones that the buds acquire during flowering (at low temperatures it can turn a very dark purple color, spectacular). It should be noted that it is one of those plants that taste exactly how they smell, which in many cases does not happen. Its effect is consistent with its Indica dominance, being relaxing both at the body and brain level.

Barney's Farm's awesome Runtz Muffin
Barney’s Farm’s awesome Runtz Muffin

Runtz seeds and his crosses

We present below a list with some of the varieties that we have available in Alchimia and that contain Runtz genetics, either because they are crosses between it and another plant or versions of the original strain crossed with itself. You even have it in Autoflowering format!

Runtz Photodependent Seeds

Runtz Automatic Seeds

You can see that the options are several if you want to grow this plant, either in a photodependent or automatic format. The Runtz wave is coming in force, and it does it to stay!

Happy crops!

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