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Friday, July 26, 2019 9:20:03 AM (Europe / Paris)

Did you know that marijuana was already smoked 2,500 years ago? If you are a customer of our store and have bought for example feminized autoflowering seedsSurely yes, you are aware that we are talking about one of the most popular psychoactive drugs in the world. If not, keep reading.

Many historians argue that to find the first people to use cannabis, we have to move to the ancient steppes of Central Asia. The only evidence is found in a passage written by the Greek Herodotus at the end of the last millennium BC. However, that hypothesis has never been 100% proven. The point is that now an international group of researchers has discovered one of the first archaeological evidence of marijuana use. Specifically, 2,500 years ago at a funeral in China.

These scientists have found traces of cannabis preserved in funeral incense burners 2,500-year-old in the Jirzankal Cemetery in eastern China. As published in the journal Science Advances, plants with the highest levels of psychoactive agents were selected and smoked in the course of mortuary rituals. There is speculation with the idea that it was a way to communicate with the dead or to delve into their more spiritual side.

In total, ten wooden braziers containing stones with burn marks were exhumed. Thanks to a state-of-the-art chromatography method, it was possible to verify that the chemical signature of the burner compounds matched that of cannabis. In addition, it indicated a higher level of THC than is usually found in wild cannabis plants.

A crop with history

Cannabis has been cultivated in East Asia for its oily seeds and fiber since at least 4,000 BC. However, these early varieties had low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most potent psychoactive agent in the plant, and other cannabinoid compounds with psychoactive properties. The varieties of burners found in China were much stronger.

While modern cannabis from Power Cogollo It is used mainly as a recreational drug or in the medical field, in the past it seems that it was used in funeral rituals to communicate with the divine world or with deceased relatives.

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