What part of the hemp is used?

Let’s first solve the big question: What is hemp for?

Hemp and cannabis have many applications in all kinds of sectors, for example, in industrial hemp, in the food sector, in cosmetics, in medicine …

The hemp plant is one of the most versatile plants that exist, there is research that dates its use to 8000 BC in China, until today that it continues to have multiple uses.

One of the products that can be extracted from this material is hemp fiber. Henry Ford was able to build a prototype vehicle with hemp and soy fiber in the 1940s. This prototype did not grow, it was never commercialized, although it worked perfectly.

Today hemp cultivation is legal in many countries around the world. Therefore, the uses of hemp in the textile, plastic hemp, food or beauty industries is very common.

In this post we are going to analyze what part of the hemp is used and the opportunities they offer for actions that are respectful with the environment.


Its scientific name is cannabis sativa but it is usually called hemp and cannabis just.

The first utility that was detected in this plant is the hemp fiber, which is extracted once the plants grow, from its stem. This stem has a lot of flexibility and impermeability that make hemp fiber an excellent material for making clothes, ropes and sails.

The fruits of marijuana are the buds, it is normally illegal in many countries except for its therapeutic use, since some varieties of hemp have a large amount of CBD.

We also highlight the hemp seeds are used in food, they are known as hempseed and they are usually consumed in Europe and Asia. At the same time that hemp seeds were used for food, hemp fibers were used for making textiles.


What role does hemp play in the diet?

First of all, it should be noted that hemp seeds are the only hemp-derived product that is allowed to be consumed. This means that marijuana cannot be legally used in food in Spain.

Hemp seeds produce other products that are allowed and have a very high nutritional value. If we cold press the hemp we can extract hemp oil.

Normally hemp oil is used as a dietary supplement, this product has a large amount of essential fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6, which are perfect for prevent cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.

Other foods that come from seeds are hemp flour and hemp proteins. Vegetarians and vegans love these hemp foods since they have many essential amino acids that are perfect for your diet.

Hemp flour is gluten-free and is usually a good substitute for wheat, rye, or spelled flour. For people with certain intolerances or celiac disease, this food comes in handy for their diet.

On the other hand, there are some drinks with this product, such as hemp milk that is made by boiling the same seeds. Hemp beers have broken into the craft beer market. If you are looking for a different way of consuming this option is quite good.


As mentioned before, industrial hemp has been used since 8,000 BC primarily to make hemp paper and fabrics. Today, it is often used for clothing normally associated with hippie fashion.

There is a new trend in recent years of the combination of these hemp fibers with others such as linen or cotton to be used in haute couture.

Hemp plastic is another product taken out of this industry. This material is usually very resistant to humidity so it is very common to use it for filters, as well as in navigation to make ropes and sails.

Industrial hemp is a very good insulator, therefore it is often used for construction materials, especially in countries such as Ireland and the Netherlands. In addition, it is used to make better sized chipboard and pressboard. There is the Hempcrete than a variety of concrete, stronger, lighter and more environmentally friendly.


Another use of hemp is to make beauty and body care products. From the varieties of hemp we can get creams

Another answer to what is hemp for is to produce different beauty and body care products. Creams, lotions, balms and gels have hemp as the main ingredient.

The vitamins and essential fatty acids in hemp allow better skin care. So great is the importance and trend of hemp for beauty that many influencers, celebrities and ambassadors use this product.

Furthermore, cannabis cosmetics use the soothing, anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties to improve the health of your skin.


We highlight CBD creams, which focus on this component of hemp and are often used for different skin conditions. Such as eczema, allergies, rashes or irritations; CBD creams have very good results in these cases.


Another beneficial characteristic of hemp with respect to the environment is the purification of water or soils. Hemp has a beneficial effect on the recovery of degraded soils and improves the environment.

In Chernobyl when the accident occurred, hemp was used to cleanse the earth’s contamination of nuclear substances. It does not mean that the hemp can stop these radioactive substances but it did serve to make the decontamination process faster.


Finally, we must mention the medicinal use of hemp. In this sense, it should be noted that hemp seeds, although they are a superfood very interesting nutritionally, they are not taken as medicine.

Marijuana can be used in certain contexts, especially to alleviate the pain of certain patients with serious ailments.

However, the element in hemp that is being used in medicine is CBD o cannabidiol.

It is a compound that is still being carefully studied to see which of its potential benefits are most interesting for turning into drugs.

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