In today’s article, we are going to understand 7 great ways to consume marijuana extracts. Cannabis concentrates are available in a wide range of forms, including oils, wax, glass, shards, and oral tinctures. Basically, they are any form of concentrate that is obtained through an extraction process.

After the extraction process, the remaining cannabis concentrate typically has very high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Some cannabis concentrates contain THC levels of 80% or more. This is why these are so popular today and are available in various forms on the market.

How to Consume Marijuana Extracts

With so many different types of Cannabis concentrate in markets where marijuana is legal, it can be difficult to go for one, let alone discover our preferred way of consuming marijuana extracts.

You’ll find endless options at your local marijuana store: BHO, Rosin, Rick Simpson, hashish, kifi , tinctures, lotions, and many more. Concentrates and extracts come in many forms and contain cannabinoids and terpenes in higher doses than the plant’s own buds and free of plant matter such as chlorophyll.

For example, a concentrate can contain up to 90% THC, while the smoked flower can only contain between 0.2Β  and 30% THC. Concentrates can provide bud-like benefits at a lower dose and cost. Hence its popularity.

But not only because of this, concentrates generally don’t smell as strong as flowers, making them more discreet for people who want to keep their marijuana use confidential. Furthermore, they are easier to store than the buds of the plant itself. Not to mention the multiple ways to consume marijuana extracts

While concentrates are inexpensive and inexpensive, for many they do not give the deep feeling of satiety that comes from smoking a bud. However, because they have more terpenes, concentrates can help medical patients alleviate certain symptoms of health problems such as irritable bowel or anxiety.

Once you find the concentrate that works for you, you will discover that there are many ways to use and consume marijuana extracts. Here are seven of the most popular:

1) Smoke

The easiest way to start consuming marijuana extracts is to spray a little of the extract in a pipe or roll it up and smoke it in a joint. This will give you the opportunity to try different concentrates quickly and easily and see how they affect you. You can even use pipes with heads to smoke oils and hash extracts.

The problem with this way of consuming marijuana extracts is that combustion is used. This means that we have to literally burn the extract to get the THC out through the pipe or the joint. It is not the most appropriate method for medical patients, who should perhaps choose another type of consumption.

2) Dabbing

Spraying is one of the most popular ways to consume concentrates and is optimal for Rosins, Rick Simpson, and BHO. It is a way of consuming marijuana extracts that have become popular in the United States for the last 10 years and have been reaching other parts of the world such as America and Europe.

The dab will create an intensified effect compared to smoking the cannabis bud and it may be too much for someone new to the THC world. Be careful and start with a low dose until you can measure your tolerance level and dose. This extraction will satisfy you as much or more than smoking directly from a joint.

To take a dose, you will need a hookah. Of course, the container in which the dab is smoked is slightly different, since, in the pot where the grass would go, an accessory with a nail, a metal accessory to incorporate the concentrate, a lid, and a torch is placed.

The nail may be ceramic, quartz, or titanium. The process for consuming dabbing marijuana extracts begins with heating the nail with the torch until it reaches the correct temperature. To do this, it is a good idea to let the nail cool for about 10 seconds or so after heating.

Then use another long, metallic accessory to put a small piece of concentrate on the hot nail, cover it with the cap to avoid losing any of the product, and inhale through the tube of the pipe.

There is also a dab version with an electronic mail. This plugs into an electrical outlet and can be adjusted to a specific temperature rather than being heated by a torch, giving it a more consistent discharge. It is easier to find an optimal temperature with this type of pipes to consume marijuana extracts.

3) Vaporization

It seems that everyone is vaporizing today, and you never quite know if they are vaporizing tobacco or cannabis. For this reason, vaping is perfect for those who want to consume marijuana extracts in a discreet way, as if they were enjoying an electronic cigarette.

When we are about to consume marijuana extracts with vaping, the vaping pencil is responsible for heating the cannabis oil or bud to a low temperature, which releases fewer carcinogens and tar, so it is not as hard as smoke and is easier for your lungs.

Vaporizers come in both tabletop and portable varieties. Tabletop vaporizers connect to a power outlet and allow you to set a specific temperature. E-pens are portable and heat up at the touch of a button. To refill them, you can make your own Cannabis concentrate.

Also, generally, these vapers for consuming marijuana extracts are usually loaded with butane oil (BHO) or CO2 oil. Some vapers allow you to put in harder substances like hashish.

The temperatures vaporized lower 190C usually create a better flavor, while higher temperatures can burn terpenes too fast. When using an e-pen, you only have to hold the button for three to five seconds or it may get too hot. The right temperature and taste are subjective, so play around with them until you find what’s best for you.

4) Tinctures

Tinctures are concentrated extracts created by soaking the decarboxylated cannabis in alcohol or some substance that dissolves it for a few weeks or months and then strain the liquid. This process is thousands of years old and almost any herb can be turned into a tincture to take advantage of its medicinal benefits. It is one of the favorite ways to consume marijuana extracts.

Tinctures must be stored in a small bottle with a dropper cap. To use them, drop a few drops of the tincture under your tongue and let it absorb sublingually. It should take about 15-45 minutes to feel the effects. You can also add a few drops to your food or drink, but your liver will have to process it instead of going directly into the bloodstream, so wait about 45-90 minutes to feel the effects.

You will have to play with the dose to find what suits you best. Start with a drop. If not enough, try two drops the next day, and so on until you find the ideal dose. A tincture high will last longer than smoking, but shorter than if you eat an oil-based edible. Tinctures can last for years if stored in a cool, dark place.

5) Groceries

The food products are usually candies, chocolates, and baked goods made with oil or butter with an infusion of cannabis. Edibles create a nice body high if eaten in the right amount and work well for medical patients treating aches and pains. There are many anecdotes of people who use fewer opiates after starting to use edibles.

Start with a small dose of 10-20 milligrams if you’re new to groceries, and slowly increase it to find the best dose for your body. Edibles can take 45-90 minutes to take effect and it’s tempting to eat more in that time frame because you think they aren’t working.

Do not do it. That is one of the fastest ways to have a bad trip. Start small and slowly increase your dose for the best experience.

6) Capsules

Capsules are an easy and discreet way to consume marijuana extracts. The capsules are generally filled with THC oil. They give you a grocery-like high without the sugar, fat, and calories and are easy to make at home with your pot. They can take 30 to 90 minutes to take effect, so you should use the same technique as with groceries to find the perfect dose.

7) Topics

If you want to control pain or treat a skin condition without feeling high, topics are a very effective way to consume marijuana extracts. They relieve pain and at the same time reduce swelling and inflammation. You can buy lotions, ointments, balms, bath salts, and even sexual lubricants and then modify them with marijuana.

Cannabinoids contain strong antioxidants and have strong antibacterial properties, which is part of the reason why topics are so good for your skin. In fact, a 2008 study showed that cannabinoids were very effective in treating MRSA, a bacterial infection that tends to resist antibiotics.

Transdermal patches are one of the newest ways to ingest cannabis. They work similarly to nicotine patches and are a hit in America. By placing the patch on an area of ​​the skin with many blood vessels, THC goes directly into the bloodstream. Unlike lotions and ointments, a transdermal patch will make you feel high, and THC will show up in a blood test.

Patches generally isolate certain cannabinoids so that you can choose the desired effect. For example, a CBD patch will reduce inflammation while a CBN patch can relieve insomnia.


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