The [Complete Guide] to Crushing Marijuana without a Grinder

Smoking marijuana is a relatively simple process. It breaks, grinds, or shreds, it is rolled in a paper, and you are ready to smoke. Nothing new under the sun but what if we want to grind marijuana without a grinder because we don’t have it on us at that time. What is the best way to crush marijuana without a grinder?

Crushing or grinding a bud is possibly one of the most important steps in the process, so not having a grinder on top could be a small obstacle. Whether it’s because you lost it, left it at home on vacation, or just don’t like how fine some of the best grinders break your marijuana, keep in mind that there are always solid alternatives.

So let’s see how to effectively grind marijuana without a grinder. A process that, as we will see, is quite simple to follow.

Methods to Grind Marijuana without Grinder

We have all crushed marijuana without a grinder on occasion. But the question here is: have we ground the marijuana well without a grinder?

Most people will surely answer yes, although the real answer will be another, since if we crush marijuana without a grinder we have to be careful not to affect the organoleptic properties of the bud, nor are we wasting pollen on our hands, for example. Let’s see some of the best ways to crush marijuana without a grinder.

Cutting Board and Knife

This is a fairly classic technique, and common sense if we do not have a grinder to crush marijuana. Still, it’s worth putting it on the list. There is no real need for a detailed explanation with this one. Just make sure your knife is sharp enough and make it an onion or large knife.

Otherwise, if you are grinding really sticky material, it will stick to the knife. At that point, you could also cut it by hand. You will have to cut the grass until it is well chopped, but without taking on the appearance of very fine powder.

Remember to always facilitate crushing if the marijuana is very dry, so try to make your buds as dry as possible when crushing marijuana without a grinder. Also, do not go overboard and overdo it. It is not a bad option to scrape the pollen residues from the table if it was completely clean.

Finally, clean the board completely as well as the knife, since the pollen will have wreaked havoc on the sheet and will be impregnated with a sticky substance that you should remove for future use.

Pill and Coin Bottle

The pill bottle or dispenser bottle and coin method is an old school technique that works perfectly. In addition, it is perfect for crushing marijuana without a grinder when we are away from home since it is a method that we can take from one place to another.

To do this, get an empty pill bottle or the typical dispenser pot and place the bud you want to grind inside. Then grab a 1 or 2 euro coin and put it in the jar, you will probably want to clean the coin with some hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol or cleaner first.

Screw on the bottle cap and shake it. Of course, do not go too far when shaking, since you could crush marijuana too much and this is something that we must avoid when crushing marijuana without a grinder. Also, if you are going to reuse this homemade grinder, you can always clean the coin and the inside of the pot for future uses.

Scissors and Shot Glass

Scissors are a good tool for breaking marijuana without a grinder, but the scissors and shot glass method really takes your palm within the scope of scissor grinding. This can be a little difficult if you are at a concert or festival, but if you are at home and have a pair of scissors, it should be sewing and singing.

All you do is put your bud in the shot glass, and start cutting it. A shot glass gives you the perfect range of motion, but if you don’t have one, you can also use a small tube glass or something. Start by separating the marijuana into halves, then half the half, until you get a fluffy appearance characteristic of crushed marijuana effectively.

It is important to wash the scissors and the glass well before and after crushing marijuana in them. Also, as always, do not cut too much, as you destroy marijuana and you can make it escape from the glass. Finally, be sure to grind marijuana without a grinder with this method on a smooth surface.

Coffee grinder

We come to another of the most classic methods of grinding marijuana without a grinder at home, the grinder. After all, a grinder is still a grinder adapted to the shape of the marijuana bud, but a grinder after all. Therefore, this device that many of us have at home can go from pearls to grind marijuana.

First of all, you will have to give a good cleaning review on the grinder and make sure that it has no coffee residue. When introducing the buds inside the grinder, make sure that you do not fill the crushing compartment excessively, also use medium-sized buds, neither too big nor too small.

If you are grinding large amounts of marijuana without a grinder, this is probably the best way to do it. Of course, it will be good that you get a fluffy and rich result and do not spend eating the herb, which can cause a loss of aroma in marijuana.

Crush in a blender

Okay, this method is a little crazy, but hey, why not add it to the list? If you really like your bud being ground into a fine powder, this method works. It certainly isn’t your best bet.

In addition, it is the most cleaning method of grinding marijuana without a grinder, since you need to clean the leaves of the blender or mixer thoroughly after you finish grinding the herb. It may not be the most effective way, but it is away.


This method of crushing marijuana without a grinder can make you feel like you’re a 14th-century apothecary, but it’s still effective. A mortar has long served as a way to “mix medicine,” so to speak, and ground grass certainly falls under that umbrella. In addition to the fact that the mortar is also used to chop herbs in cooking and marijuana is definitely an herb.

The utilization process is self-explanatory: simply place the buds in the mortar and crush them with the mortar crushing instrument. The only thing we suggest is to let the bud dry a bit before using this method. After all, it’s tough enough breaking a sticky, wet bud with a pre-Christ tool.

Try not to crush the herb excessively and, just like with the grinder, try to clean the mortar as much as possible before and after using it for marijuana.

Cheese grater

Did you think we ran out of ideas? No friends, here we come with one more method to grind marijuana without a grinder because the desperate moments require desperate measures, and if you run out of ideas, well, we are not the one to judge anyone for not having a grinder to chop marijuana.

Just pretend that that big and beautiful bud is a piece of Parmesan cheese and start to grate finely. Make sure to rinse it well before and after each use. In addition, it is recommended to scrape the marijuana that may have been stuck to the grater with the help of an awl, for example.

Homemade Herb Grinder

If you are someone who flatly refuses to break marijuana without a grinder, then you can get a little more creative. And by creative, we mean literally making your own grinder from scratch.

This method is probably the least conventional, and perhaps counterproductive, especially if you must go to the store and buy the necessary parts, but if you already have all the items at home it is actually quite simple and effective.

The first thing you need is a box of seeds, for example. That kind of small metal box with a circular shape.

Once you make sure the can is empty, all you have to do is drill the nails – preferably thumbtacks – into the top and bottom of the can. Like a real grinder, make sure the top and bottom row of tacks don’t overlap each other, otherwise, you won’t be able to close the can and grind it.

After inserting the nails/thumbtacks with the proper space, put the herb in the can like a regular grinder, close, and rotate it. You won’t have a third compartment or grass catcher at the bottom, but your bud must be effectively ground.

Either way, this is probably the simplest way to break your outbreak. If none of these methods appeals to you, why not take a look at some of our picks for the best grinders on the market. Spending a few extra euros can be worth it after all.

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