How CBD can help your DOG, CAT, and PETS

CBD OIL has become one of the widely used compounds in recent years because of its medicinal benefits. But humans are not the only ones who can benefit from using CBD. Today many people use this cannabinoid to help improve their pet’s health.

CBD is a molecule that occurs naturally in marijuana and hemp which we call cannabinoids. Specifically, CBD is a safe compound according to the World Health Organization (WHO) that does not cause any psychoactivity. CBD has antipsychotic properties, and when it is present in marijuana it serves to counteract the psychoactive effect that THC produces.

From a therapeutic point of view, CBD does not produce unpleasant side effects like some medications that cause nausea, itching, or even depression. CBD’s safety is more than proven despite its poor publicity, as there is no death attributed to marijuana in 10,000 years of history.

The oil CBD is a natural alternative to drugs that help treat some symptoms and diseases that may be affecting your dog or pet. Veterinarians often offer treatment based on strong medication that often causes large unwanted side effects.

Benefits Of CBD OIL for Dogs, Cats, or Pets?

Today it is no longer a secret that CBD has very powerful medicinal properties and knowing how it works to be able to apply it correctly can mean great benefits for our dog, cat, rabbit, turtle, etc. Come on, for any type of vertebrate pet.

There are certain situations, ailments, and diseases, in which the CBD of cannabis can help our pet a lot and give it another quality of life. Besides, its ingestion is oral, making it much easier for the pet to ingest. There are many situations in which CBD can help your partner. Here we will look at a few of them where the use of CBD in animals is proven to work, and even better than other medications. If your pet suffers from anxiety, phonophobia (fear of noise), neuropathic pain, inflammation, epilepsy, loss of appetite, or cancer, this will interest you.

CBD to treat your dog’s anxiety (due to separation, phonophobia, fears, etc …)

Anxiety is a very common symptom that many dogs suffer and that occurs for many and various reasons. A dog with anxiety can even be dangerous because you never know when it can reach its limit and react badly. Also, age works against them as the older they are, the more likely dogs are to develop anxiety. CBD can be an effective way to reduce anxiety in your dog.

CBD to treat dogs with chronic pain, inflammation, and neuropathic pain.

One of the greatest benefits of CBD is its potential as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. As with humans, medications to control inflammation and reduce pain with continued use can become ineffective and cause serious secondary damage. In the case of anti-inflammatories, they can cause spills in the stomach and kidney problems. In the case of pain relievers, which are mostly opiates, they cause depression. These medications become ineffective over time, leading to overdoses if their use is not strictly controlled.

Inflammation and pain can cause your dog to be down and sad. The inflammation and pain will cause your dog to normally reduce his mobility. This can lead to illnesses like depression and anxiety. None of us want our pets to live to have a hard time all the time. We want them to be happy and joyful, so CBD can be the push your pet needs to overcome the bump.

CBD to treat dogs with epilepsy

Epileptic seizures are currently quite common in dogs worldwide. Especially with modern diets, high in carbohydrates and sugars, which overstimulate the brain of our pets. Epilepsy can be one of the worst experiences you can have with your pet. Seeing your dog like this and not being able to do anything is difficult for an owner. I tell you from experience.

The problem with the common veterinary medication is that the synthetic compound used to control attacks can cause unwanted side effects. Most vets do not prescribe it if the case is not serious. However, CBD is a VERY effective compound in controlling epilepsy. It helps reduce, and greatly, the frequency of attacks. In the case of my dog, I used to have an attack every 2-3 months. We change your diet; Better granules and none of our food. Also, I started giving him a drop of CBD every week. We have happily been without attacks for over a year.

CBD to help dogs with cancer

Cancer is a disease that can greatly affect the quality of life of our pets. Animals also suffer tumors and it is hard to see how our pet fades. However, some treatments can help treat the disease and improve the quality of life of your pet.

CBD has anticancer properties like cell protection. So it is being used in some cases to replace radiotherapy along with a strict regimen of citrus and lion’s mane mushrooms. Also, CBD helps to mitigate the side effects produced by chemotherapy and drugs that try to control side effects.

CBD can help your dog, cat, or pet reduce pain and reduce inflammation. Also, it will help eliminate nausea, thus stimulating our pet’s appetite, something that will help them feel better throughout the process.

But is CBD safe for my pet?

Mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish, like us, have an endocannabinoid system that responds to the signals that CBD sends to its neuroreceptors. We already know the benefits of this cannabinoid in the human body, but it is that CBD in dogs has been practically tested in many cases and the results give many reasons to be excited about its application.

If you finally decide to administer CBD to your pet, we recommend that during the treatment you follow an exhaustive control of the dog’s behavior, so that you can perfectly see what effect it is having on it. So you can also control the doses, reducing or increasing them to find the right amount. It is recommended to use a dosage based on the weight of the pet, as well as the dosage in people that is also done by weight.

In short, CBD has a very high medicinal potential, still pending exploitation and our pets can also benefit from it.

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