🌱 SCROG 1 square meter 5 Bafy plants 💚 flowering 8th week until cutting

🌱 SCROG 1 square meter 5 Bafy plants 💚 flowering 8th week until cutting

Flowering eighth week until harvest

We begin this last chapter with recent images of the washing, the experiment has been a success. But for it to work I had to plug two of the three marked holes in the grow tray so it wouldn’t collapse and water would leak out from under the cabinet. Once the wash drainage rate had been calculated, all I had to do was wait as long as possible and make sure that the bleach bottle did not move.

I have noticed a certain density gain in the buds when moving the branches, they swing more and lean more, it is important to say this in these last days because the plants practically grow to the end. In the photos you can see perfectly the change of the plants and I hope the color is lighter in the last days that I am not going to pay and I am watering with water at 500 microsiemens with a pH of 6.5. In the root washing I also improve the PH and the last two liters of each plant have it at 6.5. If I leave the water as it comes out of the tap the PH level would stay around 7.2 / 7.6.

One question that has been asked a lot (especially on Instagram) has been whether I defoliate or remove leaves from one sector or another. The answer is that no, I do not remove leaves from anywhere that are not damaged, it may be one thing to do a low pruning but remove by removing the leaves I have not done. In the general vision of the crop, the same is appreciated, but the leaves as the cultivation has progressed they have been falling on their own without the need for anyone to touch them. The plant detaches itself from what it does not need.

And with this close-up image I say goodbye, it has been a difficult follow-up to assess. Temperatures of up to 34 degrees with the Led Vega have made the last few weeks a little hell, but one thing is for sure, it has come out ahead and has managed to harvest. The production has been good but it has not exceeded the 16 automatics in a 7-liter container, so presumably the next crop will be automatic. My wife helped me to harvest these 5 20-liter pots with many arms, I have only kept the batons from the top in the dryer, the bottom part that is extra resin I leave it to prepare hashish. I have never taken out such a sticky plant with so little odor, the garbage bag that I put under the dryer is completely full.

Finally, thank Cultivandomedicina and the sponsors who make possible the visibility of this world of self-sufficiency of marijuana and give birth to many people who learned to plant so as not to leave their salary in what they need or simply like. And thanks to everyone who has wasted a while reading this follow-up to know what to do or not do as you see. Greetings to all.

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