We tried it: Pantry’s Good Day Bites

Since I learned how to use cannabis as a tool for productivity, I’ve been gravitating toward products that make me feel good, as opposed to those that make me feel intoxicated. Part of my journey in becoming a more effective stoner has been incorporating adaptogens like ashwagandha and functional mushrooms like Lion’s Mane or cordyceps into my morning routine. 

In addition to a little bit of weed in the morning, I’ve found this combination to be extremely effective in managing stress throughout the day and helping me achieve the flow state where productivity happens. When you think about the similarities between cannabis, adaptogens, and functional mushrooms, it’s surprising that there aren’t more products that incorporate all three. 

Enter Pantry’s Good Day Bites, 5-milligram 1:1 THC:CBD superfood bites that check each of these boxes. When I came across this product, I was intrigued. After experimenting with them over the past month, they’ve become a permanent fixture in my morning routine. 

Good Day Bites are part of a new line of superfood bites from Pantry, an edibles company that calls on Michelin star chefs like Michael Magliano to create its posh, holistically formulated edibles. With high-end infused olive oils, superfood bites, and a heavy catering angle, the brand goes beyond the role of yet another luxury cannabis brand. 

This innovation is specifically evident in Pantry’s line of superfood bites, which include Good Day Bites, Nite Bites, and Cacao Keto Bites. Each product pairs functional mushrooms and adaptogens with cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and CBN, and were created by a team of chefs and nutritionists with a chief medical officer. 

Put simply, they’re good for you and they make you feel good. So, let’s talk about my favorite of the bunch: Good Day Bites. 

First impression 

Where have these been all my life? I’m a huge believer in the powers of adaptogens and mushrooms, and — obviously — weed. To have all three present in a low-dose cannabis product with a wellness angle is right up my alley. I’m also huge on the quality of the things I put in my body, and always check my edibles for preservatives, chemicals, and anything corporate-sounding or gross. 

The ingredients listed could not have been more chic: white couverture, passion fruit couverture, cocoa butter, organic lion’s mane mushroom extract powder, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, organic sunflower lecithin, cannabis extract, in that order. Hot.

The branding, another thing I inspect thoroughly when considering a product, was clean, fun, and commanding, a difficult trifecta to nail. The matte white jar felt heavy with quality, and even before trying the product, the packaging’s execution made me subconsciously trust whatever was inside.  

Trying Good Day Bites 

Each Good Day Bite features 5 milligrams THC and 5 milligrams CBD with a full package containing 20 bites and 100 milligrams THC:CBD in total.


The scent of the Good Day Bites is delicate, a subtle blend of white chocolate with a touch of turmeric. 


The look of the bites themselves is one of my favorite things about them on a shallow level. Each bite is about the size of a dime with an octagonal shape that resembles a fractal as much as a flower. They’re the ruddy yellow color of turmeric and have a new-age and wellness appeal. 


Complex, comforting, and exciting. The high-grade couverture — a glossy chocolate high in cocoa butter — offers a decadent texture without being too sweet while the dominant flavors are turmeric, white chocolate, and a touch of clove. 

Buttery, luscious, totally delicious, you feel like you’ve indulged in something desert-like. But these naturally vegan bites clock in at a mere ten calories and one gram of sugar each.


Because I smoke so much weed, 5 milligrams is a micro-dose for me. Also, 1:1 ratio products don’t get you quite as typically high as others because of the CBD balancing the THC. If I have a full workday and a ton of stuff to do that requires full mental clarity, I will eat one. If I’m doing something fun outside or hanging with friends, I’ll eat two. 

For new consumers, I recommend eating half a bite and going from there. Pantry’s website includes a dosage calculator, which can be helpful to calm your nerves. I have handed a ton of these bites out to novice consumer friends because I love them so much, and not even my mom said it was too strong. Everyone seems to have had the same experience of good vibes radiating throughout the day, and a clear head free from stress. 

Overall, Good Day Bites are less about getting high and more about enhancing your quality of life. Start slow and go from there. And if you smoke weed regularly, pop as many as you want — it’s mellow. 


My favorite experiences I’ve had with Good Day Bites have been the ones where I accomplish things with ease that would normally give me a ton of anxiety. I do a product review show on my Instagram called Hot Tokes. It involves set building, weekly filming, writing content, and a whole slew of stressors that can eat me alive. 

Unfortunately, it’s really hard to be stoned on camera, but smoking weed is the only thing that quells my anxiety. The day of filming, I’m often trapped in a stress vice of not being able to smoke because I don’t want to be too high on camera, and desperately needing to smoke because my anxiety about filming is out of control. 

Good Day Bites kill it in situations like this. I pop one a few hours before I film, and it provides the perfect balance I need to nail the performance without getting too in my head about it. It takes the edge off, offering a boost of clarity, relief, and excitement. 

Bottom line

Pantry combines high-quality, functional ingredients to create one of my favorite edibles on the market right now. Good Day Bites are little morsels of joy that make your world a better place. It shines in combating stress and anxiety and is as effective in downtime as it is when it’s game time. 

Featured image courtesy of Pantry/Weedmaps

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