BUY CBD IMMUNE BOOST – Medterra CBD Tincture

BUY CBD IMMUNE BOOST – Medterra CBD Tincture
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Deal Score+18
$39.99 $59.99 Buy It Now

Cannabinol Tincture Oil from Medterra CBD

Experience the natural power of Medterra’s Immune Boost Drops with CBD, a specially formulated tincture designed to support a strong immune system. This unique blend combines the benefits of CBD with Elderberry, Echinacea, Vitamin C, Ginger Root, Ashwagandha, Reishi Mushroom, and Lemon Balm to fortify your body’s defenses and promote overall well-being.

Our Immune Boost Drops with CBD are carefully crafted to help you stay calm and balanced while providing comprehensive immune system support. Working alongside our Medical Advisors, we have combined natural ingredients with proven benefits for the immune system, along with our trusted CBD, to enhance your body’s ability to recover and protect against illness. This holistic approach ensures both physical and mental well-being, helping you feel your best every day.

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30 – 1 ml servings

Immune Boost Blend 60mg*
Vitamin C 35mg
CBD 25mg
*Immune Boost liquid drops are equivalent to 5x strength of dry herb concentration

Recommended Use:

Simply take one serving in the morning, and if needed, an additional serving before bed.

Grown and extracted in the USA, our high-quality CBD is fully compliant with the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, and we are certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. Rest assured, our CBD products undergo rigorous third-party testing, contain 0% THC, and are completely legal. We proudly ship to all 50 states and internationally.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee because we stand by the quality of our product.

Benefits of Immune Boost Drops with CBD:

  • Reduce illness severity: Elderberry has been scientifically shown to significantly reduce the duration of viral infections and delay bacterial growth.
  • Strengthen viral defense: Echinacea enhances both innate and adaptive immunity, including the activation of NK cells, crucial in viral defense.
  • Front-line response: Vitamin D is vital for front-line defense, and low levels are associated with increased risk of respiratory tract infections.
  • Amplify immune response: Ginger Root supports the production of immune system signals and targeted response to viral infections like influenza.
  • Immune targeting: Ashwagandha supports immune function, particularly NK cells, known for their anti-viral properties.
  • Immune reinforcement: Vitamin C benefits front-line immune defenders and helps reduce the risk of infections.
  • Balance and calming: Reishi Mushroom promotes a healthy immune system and offers calming and mood-boosting properties.
  • Optimize immune health: Lemon Balm, with its fragrant herb native to southern Europe, optimizes immune health, digestive health, and supports a balanced nervous system.

Trust Medterra’s Immune Boost Drops with CBD to provide comprehensive support for your immune system and overall well-being.

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