Which substrate to choose: Light Mix or All Mix?

Before starting to talk about these types of substrates, it is important to clarify what a substrate is and what its special characteristics are for marijuana plants. A substrate corresponds to the means by which plants can grow, in this case the marijuana plant.

A very important piece of information to know is that the soil or substrate for the marijuana plant has other special needs that should be paid close attention to, one of which is that it contains a mixture of peat, perlite, coconut fiber and of humus, which provides the soil with special conditions so that our marijuana plants can develop correctly with what they need.

We have a great variety of substrates or lands for you to choose, all of them are specifically designed for growing marijuana, and the good thing is that they can be used without any problem both for indoor planting and for crops that are outdoors.

Two types of substrates that will help you in your crops

Light-Mix: This substrate is ideal to enhance the growth of your plants from the beginning through the use of liquid fertilizers, it is slightly fertilized. This land is designed for those growers who want to have more control over the growth process by applying liquid fertilizers.

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