Which LED system is best for growing marijuana

We know how important your plants are and the care you give them, all the information you collect to be well informed and attentive, new seeds, growing phases, caring for them, antiplagas and endless information. Therefore, today we want to talk to you about the different LED systems to grow.

Types of LED lights for growing

There are mainly 2 types of LED lights on the market that are most often used for growing cannabis. Each model has its pros and cons, so we could say that the perfect LED does not yet exist.


It is made up of several small LEDs distributed over a large area. Examples with this style are Quantum plates or “spider style” LED lights.

  • Quantum boards. This style of LED tends to have relatively low wattage diodes that are spread across a board. They are becoming more popular lately as they offer very good results for the amount of power used.
  • Spider led. “Spider-style” LEDs are similar to quantum boards in that the individual diodes are spread out and tend to be on the smaller side, but are placed on a panel with “arms” rather than a solid board. These usually have a higher price, but you get better results.


These types of LED lights use huge COB (chip on board) “bulbs”. Each COB is incredibly bright and intense because it contains multiple LED chips in a very small area. COBs produce more intense light than other types of LEDs, and each uses a significant amount of electricity.


Rather than having dozens of small diodes, COB style LED grow lights generally only have a handful of huge COB lights, each with strong lenses to direct the light onto the plant. These are rapidly gaining popularity and are known to have deep plant canopy penetration. We can find COB style LED lights in two different ways:

  • Bars. The 1-bar X model (60W), made up of high-quality LEDs (osram), is capable of generating a full spectrum and balancing the quantity and quality of light reaching the plants.
  • Luminaires. If we have to highlight an LED lighting system, in this case the Spiderlux brand brings us the best luminaire on the market, the 8-bar model X (800W). It is capable of generating a full spectrum that will allow you to grow crops of the best quality thanks to the core formed by OSRAM (intense red diodes) and SAMSUNG chips. Another luminaire that we cannot leave without mentioning is the Titan Solux Pro (4-120W System), a panel that is divided into several points of light that combine various spectra necessary for the development of crops.

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