PUFFCO vaporizer, raises the power of concentrates

Vaporizers were born to stay since their invention several years ago. And it is that, these became the favorite tools of smokers, both tobacco and marijuana. But, every day, better models are designed to make the most of the extracts and essences that are used. This is where Puffco peak makes his appearance as one of the best.

Why choose Puffco?

Vaporizers there are many, but like Puffco none. Why? You will ask yourself. Mainly because its system prevents combustion and the harmful derivatives that are emitted. In addition to that a totally medicinal effect is obtained and free of impurities.

One of its most striking features is its design, which is quite novel. It is discreet, ergonomic and portable: comfortable to be carried everywhere to enjoy the best dabs whenever you want.

It should be clarified that the Puffco was designed to take full advantage of the natural scent of the flower and resin… and accentuate it. Apart from the fact that it perfectly fulfills its purpose of transmitting the active ingredients without burning the material.

Technical characteristics

In addition to the characteristics that we mentioned above, we detail below a series of Puffco techniques:

  • The Puffco’s battery allows you to vaporize up to 30 sessions in a row before discharging.
  • The Puffco is designed to extracts and concentrates.
  • It has 4 temperature levels to adjust the puffs to preference. The temperatures are: 232 °, 260 °, 287 ° and 315 °.
  • This vaporizer is capable of heat up in 20 seconds.
  • It has dimensions of 17cm in height and 7cm in base.
  • Your battery is fully charged in just two hours.
  • Contains a removable ceramic chamber.
  • Includes with the purchase a bag to transport it everywhere.
  • Its base is made of silicone.
  • It is charged via a USB cable.
  • It can remain in “Stand by” mode as long as it is not used in order to save part of the battery.

A few features designed to make vaping with Puffco quite easy.

The main objective when thinking about this element was to create a vaporizer that has elegance, is portable, has a simple way of use and has in a single device everything you need to be able to enjoy a vaping session. without having to resort to all those pesky tools.

Puffco, the ideal option for lovers of simplicity

Using the Puffco is pretty straightforward. You only have to fill out the Bubbler with fresh water up to where the two vents are. Now, a little of the concentrate to be vaporized is placed and the e-nail is turned on. Regulating the temperature only requires a button on the base. Once you have chosen the temperature to your liking, you wait 20 seconds for it to heat up and you begin to enjoy the flavor of the extract.

It’s that simple to enjoy a good vaping session with this incredible product. Do not be left with the desire to enjoy your favorite flavors, enter our store www.florprohibida.com and find this vaporizer, among other products for the harvest, a great variety of marijuana seeds and much more.

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