Genehtik seeds | History, varieties and origin

The Genehtik cannabis seed bank was born after long years of intensive cultivation, sharing and exchanging genetics and information and experiences with growers and breeders from all over the world. Next we will know a little about the history of Genehtik and we will review its best seeds.

Genehtik Seeds history

Genehtik Seeds carries since the late 90s maintaining marijuana strains very special and on several occasions authentic champions. As a result of the testing of different crosses with seeds from different parts of the world, they have managed to create their own completely stable and quality varieties.

Genehtik’s seed bank always guarantees the maximum genetic quality maintaining the characteristics of the parents and preserving the aromas, flavors and effects of these. In addition, they always guarantee that practically 100% of the marijuana seeds will offer female flowers.

All the seeds are selected and cleaned manually to ensure the highest quality, and packed in microtubes ensuring optimal conservation.

The flagship

The top seed that we can find inside the genehtik bank, is the Kritikal bilbo, the most productive, powerful and tasty variety on the market. This plant is characterized by its amazing sweet and pungent aroma. Causes a great relaxation throughout the body and a feeling of well-being. In addition, it has a great sweet and fruity taste. It goes very well both indoors and outdoors.


Its origin comes from Afghan crossed with Skunk and it is one of the most popular and top of the moment. The kritikal bilbo is a medium plant that grows very quickly, produces fat and heavy flowers, with few leaves and has cogollos filled with resin which have a very intense aroma, as you can see in the following images of the cultivation process:

It is a type of plant that we do not have to treat with much care or pay much attention to, it is very easy to grow, and its maturation takes place after 45 days of flowering indoors and outdoors, in the middle and late of September, so this makes it one of the fastest varieties out there.

News 2021

One of the new additions to the genehtik seed bank is the Face Off OG Bilbo, a plant native to California and feminized in BILBAO, which offers us a powerful narcotic and analgesic effect.

A little history: In the late 90s, in California, this variety became very famous as an exceptional phenotype of Og Kush. It was named Face off after the John Travolta and Nicolas Cage film, in which the actors exchange their faces. This, because the legend says that thanks to its powerful effect it changes your face, turns your face upside down and it is for this reason that it became very popular among Californians.

Produces about dense buds, with a lot of resin and with thick and reddish pistils that stand out in the lime green tone of the bud. It is medium in size and with about 63 days of flowering it will be just right. It also has earthy aromas, moss, humid forest, which are very characteristic of Og Kush.


Another novelty for 2021 is the Gorilla Bilbo, a variety of marijuana Very powerful that can get up to a 25% THC. It boasts of being as resinous as its parent, Gorilla Glue # 4 and gives us quite tall, robust plants with large and heavy central bud.

You can get great yields of very powerful marijuana with up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and more than 1kg per plant outdoors, being perfect for Mediterranean or very sunny climates. Have a earthy and diesel scent, with sour flavors, leaving a final taste of citrus with notes of gasoline.


Autoflowering seeds

With the variety of autoflowering seeds you can grow all kinds of varieties (Auto Amnesia Bilbo, Auto Nevil Bilbo and even the famous Kritikal Bilbo) with a very fast growth and almost without worries:

Auto Northern Lights: In 4 words we can define this autoflowering as productive, powerful, aroma and sweet taste, without a doubt a cover letter that confirms its effectiveness. Its growth is approximately two weeks and it begins to flower quickly, giving us dense, resinous buds with a sweet and pungent aroma and flavor.

Auto Goxuak: Selection of AK-47 x Autoflowering, it has an intense sweet taste, fruity smell and sativa high. In about 10 weeks you will have it ready to extract its resonant buds with a production of between 20 to 40 grams per plant.

The origin of the seeds

Each of Genehtik’s seeds has a story to tell, from its origin, through its crosses and genealogy, to its final result.

Genehtik It has been with the Zuri widow seed since 1998, a small plant, very good for hydroponic cultivation, with very wide leaves and dark green color. Its production is medium but its hard white, compact and dark buds, once dry, when crumbled open more than any other variety.

Discover in the following video more curiosities about the origin of the Zuri Widow:

Another seed with a story behind it is Super Silver Bilbo, one of the most famous sativa varieties whose origin dates back to the 70s in California. It is a plant that will not let your imagination rest, since we are talking about a very psychoactive plant:

At Flor forbidden, we love to talk to you about topics like these, so we invite you to visit us to learn more about seeds and start your cultivation.

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