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Like any beginning grower, you will probably be eager to see the fruits of your labor. In today’s article you will learn when is the exact time to harvest marijuanaas well as key indicators that indicate when your plants are ready to harvest.

How long does it take from planting to harvesting cannabis?

Cannabis plants have a wide range of growing periods.

The duration of the growth cycle can depend on several factors, depending on the culture medium used, the desired yield and the marijuana seeds that you use.

This combination of factors may mean that you have to wait between 6 and 16 weeks approximately to harvest most of your plants.

However, the average time it usually takes for your plants to reach an optimal phase for the collection of their fruits is usually 9-12 weeks from sowing to harvestBut again, timing depends on a number of factors.

How to know when to harvest cannabis

You will need a magnifying glass to observe the trichomes.

As a grower, you will know that your cannabis plants are ready to harvest when you can observe some visual clues such as:

Trichome color

The small resin glands of flowers it is one of the surest ways to know if it is time to harvest or not.

Half of the trichomes should have a milky white appearance and the others should be of a living amber.

When to harvest marijuana trichomes

Light colored trichomes indicate that you will need to wait a little longer before starting to harvest.

Light colored trichomes indicate that you will need to wait a little longer before starting to harvest.

Of all the signs to look for, the color of the trichome is the one that indicates with the greatest certainty whether it is the right moment or not. This color change can be difficult to see with the naked eye, so make sure you have a magnifying glass handy.

Trichomes ready to cut.

Leaf colors

Another indicator that indicates when your marijuana plant may be ready to harvest is the changing color of its leaves.

During the flowering stage, the nitrogen gives leaves their green color.

When harvest time comes, fan leaves turn yellow and begin to fall as nitrogen decreases.

Curly leaves

As the fan leaves turn from green to yellow, they can also curl and dry out, which is another possible indicator that it’s time to harvest.

Lack of moisture is a natural phenomenon, since these types of crops consume less water when the time of harvest approaches.

Brown pistils

The pistils of cannabis plants are those little white hairs that grow on the calyxes of marijuana buds.

These pistils they start out having a white color and taking a pose upright. As harvest time approaches, these pistils will turn brown.

The optimal time to harvest is when approximately half of the pistils are brownish.

Cannabis pistils that indicate the right moment to harvest.

In the same way as with terpenes, pistils They are a very small component of the buds, so you will need to have a magnifying glass handy to be able to observe them in detail.

Bud shape

Although it is not the safest way to know the exact moment to harvest, the shape of the buds can give you some clues about the maturity of the plant.

Look for tight, tight buds as a sign that they are ready to harvest.

Look for tight, tight buds as a sign that they are ready to harvest.

All of these visual indicators are visible to the naked eye and are clear signals that it is time to harvest.

Likewise, there are other clues that show when a plant is too young or past its prime for a successful harvest.

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How do you know if it is too early to harvest cannabis?

To know if it’s too early to harvest you should take a look at the state of the trichomes. These will tell you whether or not your crop is ready for harvest, as well as let you know when is the best time to harvest your marijuana.

Very white trichomes indicating that it is still early to harvest.

If most of the trichomes are clear it means that your cannabis plants are not ready to harvest yet.

Clear trichomes indicate that resin production has not peaked and the resulting herb is likely to be much less potent, flavorful, and aromatic.

How do I know if it is too late to harvest cannabis?

Check the trichomes again and observe their color.

If you notice that the trichomes have a amber color, it means that the cannabis flowers are too ripe.

Overripe trichomes.

At this stage of development, harvested cannabis has an unpleasant taste. Furthermore, cannabinoids such as THC They begin to degrade when the amber colored trichomes outgrow the milky white ones.

On rare occasions, trichomes may even start to turn black if the grower does not harvest his marijuana plants on time.

In addition to the amber color, trichomes also can become a bit brittle. Even trichomes from overripe buds can crumble in your hands.

Harvesting cannabis beyond its prime is not recommended. However, it may be preferable to harvest it prematurely rather than waiting until it is overripe.

Terpenes, which are believed to contain healing properties, may become more potent during a late harvest, but at the expense of aroma and flavor.

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