Fabric pots for growing cannabis

While there are several types of pots for growing cannabis, not all pots are the same, we can find several types of these, of different sizes and shapes, of a variety of materials. Therefore, before choosing our pot, it is convenient to investigate and see which of these are best suited to the type of crop you are growing.

In the following article we are going to provide you with all the details so that you can make the best choice.

What is a geotextile pot?

Geotextile pots have gained great prominence in recent years, they are made of fabric and with biodegradable material, and are available in various colors.

Being a fabric, better aeration of the root is achieved, water drainage and in summer the temperature of the earth is lowered, helping our plants to bear more and better fruits.

Being a very porous material, it allows it to be penetrated by the roots, consequently they will prune themselves due to the effect of light and will force the production of new roots from the inside. These provide a greater capacity for nutrient simulation, helping oxygenation in the root zone and giving the plant more growth. fast and vigorous in less time.

These pots drain the water through the base and the walls, so it is not necessary to use clay at the bottom of the pot when growing marijuana.

They do not overturn thanks to its rounded cube shape, once it is filled with substrate. In addition, they drain excess watering very well thanks to the fact that it is a very porous material.

Advantages of fabric pots geotextiles

  • They are washable and degradable.
  • Light and flexible.
  • Respectful with the environment.
  • Plants are warmer at night and cooler during the day.
  • They release excess heat.
  • They are very inexpensive.
  • They help you to have a higher production.
  • When storing them they take up less space.

What fabric is used to make geotextile pots?

The fabric used for the Geotextile pots are from breathable fabric, which allows to protect the plant during high temperatures.

Thanks to the type of fabric, these are reusable for about 3 to 5 crops, this fabric does not dry out and was developed to withstand the elements, which makes it a suitable material for growing indoors and outdoors.

How do you use TexPot geotextile pots?

How to use the Geotextile Textpot potsIt is very simple, what we advise from Flor forbidden is to bury it when it is transplanted into a much larger pot, when you harvest you can recover it, wash it and use it again. These pots help to drain the water over the entire surface, aerating the roots, thus achieving a better result with plastic pots.

What fabric pot to buy?

The pots are a very important element when growing marijuana, since they are the home of the plant throughout its life. For this reason, we must make sure to give it the best possible habitat by giving it good aeration and drainage to achieve a healthy plant with the best results.

To achieve perfect aeration of the roots, the best solution in this case are fabric or geotextile pots:

fabric planter tex pot urban

TEX POT URBAN: With this type of pots you will achieve the best results outdoors, the plant will receive more oxygen allowing the nutrients to be better assimilated.

fabric planter tex pot agro

FABRIC TEX POT AGRO: They are very economical and ideal for outdoors. Thanks to its breathable fabric, we ensure that the plants receive more oxygen.


  • Improves the growth and production of the plant.
  • Avoid root rot problems.
  • It helps to create a dense and well distributed root structure due to the natural pruning of roots that occurs when the root comes into contact with the air through the geotextile.
  • These pots are washable and reusable.
  • They have handles that allow you to move the pot.
  • They are light, flexible and do not take up space when stored.
  • They can be used with drip systems and hydro flood trays.
  • They are biodegradable and made entirely from recycled materials.

Cultivation differences in fabric and plastic

Some examples of results grown on cloth.

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