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New line of 100% organic Advanced Nutrients OIM

Advanced Nutrients is the company ofcannabis fertilizer the most innovative in the world. It has the catalog of specific products for the cannabis plant nutrition more comprehensive, but that hasn’t stopped it from expanding it recently with a range of 100% organic nutrients very special.

🧐 What is special about the new OIM fertilizers from Advanced Nutrients?

They are the first in the sector to meet the requirements of the OIM certification, which is the strictest in the world, and achieving this is not at all easy due to the number of requirements. Over time, all cannabis fertilizer companies can adapt to these new regulations, but To date, only one line of Advanced Nutrients has been successful.

This brand is always one step ahead of the rest, investing more than any other in research, production and especially marketing. This enabled him to become a leader in the cannabis nutrition sector.

* Image of the OIM range of Advanced Nutrients *
* Image of the OIM range of Advanced Nutrients *

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👾 What does OIM mean and what does this new standard say?

OIM stands for Organic Input Material and is the name of a new certification program in California, which emerged in response to the ambiguity that the name “organicWas taking in this state and other states in the United States.

Until now, the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has been the body responsible for the certification of organic products. It is a non-profit third-party certifier, but from now on California will have its own organization and will be based on the IOM.

✅ Are the Advanced Nutrients OIM products new?

The trade names of the products are the same, but their wording has changed slightly in order to obtain this new certification. These are practically the same nutrients as usual, the ones that have been so successful, but adapted to the new demands of the true organic farming.

So far they have presented 7 of the fertilizers from their catalog in a 100% organic version OIM, Iguana Juice Organic OIM Grow, Iguana Juice Organic OIM Bloom, Bud Candy Organic OIM, Big Bud Organic OIM, Ancient Earth Organic OIM, Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM, and Sensizym Organic OIM, but we believe that little by little Advanced Nutrients will adapt its entire product line to this new name.

Iguana Juice Organic OIM Grow

Base Fertilizer for the vegetative growth cycle, presented in a soluble, highly concentrated and fully organic liquid format. Its new improved formula guarantees optimal development at all stages of growth. Iguana Juice Organic OIM Grow contains all the necessary elements in just the right amount, with a perfect distribution of nutrients to achieve the ideal diet.

Iguana Juice Organic OIM Bloom

It’s’ 100% organic basic fertilizer that Advanced Nutrients has prepared for the flowering phase of plants of cannabis. It is also a liquid and dense in appearance due to the high concentration of elements, but it is very soluble in water. The new formulation is designed to organically provide all of the basic nourishment needed during the pre-flowering, flowering, fattening and maturation stages of cannabis indoors and outdoors.

Bud Candy Organic OIM

The best way to give your cannabis plants the best simple and complex carbohydrates necessary for the best yield of flowers, resin and essential oils. This 100% natural additive gives it a directly assimilable energy supply, which the plant benefits for the formation and fattening of the buds, and also serves as food for the micro-life of the soil, so the positive effect is twofold. Thanks to its new composition, with Bud Candy Organic OIM, you will get the best aroma and flavor from your marijuana.

Big Bud Organic OIM

This liquid supplement from Advanced Nutrients is the best 100% organic marijuana bud fattener in the world. For many years it has been the favorite of producers who put quality before quantity, even if it must be said that the production obtained with this natural PK is incredible. Get the most voluminous, dense and hardest flowers with Big Bud Organic OIM.

Ancient Earth Organic OIM

Combination of short and long chain humic acids, so that they work together, enriching the soil to constantly release nutrients. Thanks to its new OIM formula, it is a completely natural source of 100% organic food, which helps plants stimulate root development, optimize cell metabolism and maximize enzymatic function.

Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM

Tea time is greatly improved with this product, a ultra-purified infusion composed of 100% organic elements which are used to naturally nourish cannabis plants in any growth system during the flowering phase. Compost teas have been used in general agriculture for many years, but Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM is specially designed to nourish cannabis.

Sensizym Organic OIM

The best way to keep the substrate clean when growing organic cannabis. The use of Sensizym Organic OIM has multiple advantages, because in addition to remove accumulated salts and accelerate the decomposition of organic matter, it recycles some of the food in the soil and helps maintain a healthier root system. This product can also be used to renew the substrate used and even to improve the washing of the roots, you see these are all advantages.

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🚀 Conclusion

The Advanced Nutrients brand of fertilizers is always at the forefront of the cannabis nutrition and now takes a further step in culture 100% organic to get the OIM certification with its new product line. If you want your weed to have all the flavor and maintain the highest possible terpene profile, give them a try and you’ll see the difference, your health and the planet will thank you for it.

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