What is hemp and what is it for?


In ancient times hemp was the main material used to produce paper all over the world. It was in the 19th century when wood began to take away from hemp.

It should be noted that if you had to choose between these two materials for the production of paper, the most suitable would be hemp because it contains the most cellulose. Cellulose provides plants with balance in their structure.


Hemp is also used in cooking, hemp seed has great nutritional value and it contains high levels of protein, calcium, and essential fatty acids and linoleic acid. For all these components, hemp seeds are marketed as a dietary supplement.

Hemp is used to make milk and hemp oil, as well as as an additive in alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine.


Another element that can be made with hemp is plastic. In the 1940s, Henry Ford an American businessman was able to manufacture a car made of hemp and soy plastic. This car was never put up for sale, but there are images of Henry Ford with an ax demonstrating the quality of the material.

Today hemp plastic is used for shower curtains, DVD boxes or to make composite panels for cars.


Like we mentioned vegetable hemp oil, biodiesel production is also possible. However, the production of hemp fuels is small, since biodiesel is produced with very cheap materials.


It is possible to create some types of filters with hemp if they are mixed with other fibers; you can make tea bags, coffee or oil filters. One of the characteristics of hemp fiber is that it is very resistant in humid conditions. For this reason it is the perfect material for the production of liquid filters.

The famous tea bags are a combination of wood fiber, hemp and plastic polymers.


Another use that can be given to hemp is to make building materials, especially those intended for insulation. There are some countries that use hemp for building materials like Ireland or the Netherlands.

It is also possible to create products such as chipboard and heavy cardboard, which can be used as an alternative to concrete, a stronger, lighter and more environmentally friendly form.


One of the industries that is benefiting the most from hemp is the beauty industry. There are a wide variety of health benefits such as creams, lotions, balms, and gels made from hemp. Many studies confirm that hemp contains many beneficial aspects for health.

A main product of hemp is the CBD creams that have beneficial effects on health, such as the treatment of some skin diseases such as eczema, arthritis or irritations.


One of the differences between hemp and marijuana is that hemp can make the Water treatment without any problem. Hemp plants are often used to remove impurities from wastewater.

It is very difficult to predict how hemp production will develop, but what is clear is that there is currently a resurgence of this material in many commercial markets.

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