What is cannabis resin?

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020 1:51:40 PM (Europe / Paris)

Cannabinoids such as THC, CBD or CBN are found in trichomes, white hairs that grow on the flowers and leaves of marijuana plants. As experts in feminized autoflowering seeds We remind you that the highest concentration is found in the resin produced by female plants. This is a sticky substance that serves to capture the pollen that the male plants expel and thus pollinate the female and produce seeds. During flowering, the females increase the thickness of their flowers and produce the resin.

Non-pollinated female plants harbor large amounts of this substance that can be extracted after drying the flowers and leaves. It is the purest and most concentrated extraction of cannabinoids, a very powerful powder.

How the extractions are done

There are many methods to extract the resin. One of the most frequent is dry extraction. We will use a grinder or scraper to chop the dried flowers and then we will crush and shake the grinder vigorously for a few minutes. The top floor will be filled with the resin dust sifted through the mesh.

Little buds and leaf clippings are perfect for making cold extractions. You have to put everything in an airtight bag and leave it in the freezer for a minimum of 24 hours. Once frozen, the resin extractor must be shaken. As with the grinder, the dust is collected after sifting it through the net and falls on the top floor. Since it is frozen, the resin comes off even easier. The extractions are made dry by placing the flowers in sieve cloth bags and passing them a few times through washing machines that collect all the dust that comes off.

There are also solvent extractions such as butane gas, ethanol, propane, olive oil or CO2. Broadly speaking, what is done is to dissolve the trichomes in the solvent and filter it to separate it from the plant matter.

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Benefits of extractions

On Power Cogollo We insist that quality extractions always come from quality plants, with more resin and cannabinoids. The cannabinoid concentrations are very high in the resin. This is one of the great advantages of consuming extractions since the effects of cannabis are instantaneous with minimal consumption. Many of these extractions are consumed in vaporizers.

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