Cannabis Leaves: Everything You Need To Know

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Friday, February 28, 2020 15:46:00 (Europe / Paris)

The cannabis leaf is the most prominent part of the cannabis plant, not only is it the best source of the potent properties that the herb is acclaimed for, it is also home to a fascinating history and facts that will truly change your perception of it. .

And although there are many varieties of cannabis, there is very little alteration in the appearance of the leaves from one strain of cannabis to another. For this reason we bring you, along with 2×, some of the facts you need to know about cannabis leaves:

Cannabis leaf phyllotaxis

Cannabis leaves are not alternate like most other herbs in the same family, but are compound and opposite each other. The leaves emerge in pairs on either side of the stem and also have a characteristic vertical line between the spaces, although the leaves are decused when young, they normally begin to form alternate patterns as the plant approaches the flowering stage.

Leaf difference between the three main strains

Cannabis leaves: everything you need to know

The three main cannabis strains are sativa, indica, and ruderalis. From a broader perspective, it can be seen that the leaves have no differences between them, but a close look will reveal the subtle differences as follows:


Sativa leaves:

The leaves are long and thin. They have very striking striations that make them appear pointed and serrated, the color of the leaves is also different and usually varies from blackish green to the darkest to lime green. A fully grown sativa leaf can contain up to 13 leaflets

Leaves indicates:

These leaves are wider and larger compared to their sativa counterparts. A fully grown indica leaf can contain between seven and nine leaflets and the color is typically deep olive green. It is not common for you to find this variety with very light green leaves and, if that happens, it points to a deficiency

Ruderalis leaves:

These are the smallest of the strains and a fully developed leaf can have between five and thirteen leaflets. In terms of width, it is almost the same as indica, although it can be narrower than any indica leaf at times.

Cannabis leaves: everything you need to know, SATIVA, INDICA AND RUDELARIS

Cannabis mutated leaf patterns

Due to the incredible variation in cannabis morphology in different parts of the world, quite unusual different leaf patterns have been observed. Most of these variations are desirable to most people, especially illegal producers, as they will not attract much attention from law enforcement officials. Some of the variations include:

  • Webbed cannabis leaves: this is a common mutation and many breeders have tried to stabilize it. Although their efforts have not borne fruit, webbed varieties can now be found in stores, although very few
  • Spiral blades: this is another mutation in cannabis leaves, although less desirable, it almost looks like common cannabis leaves
  • Australian Cannabis Cannabis: this is the most unique mutation and was first recognized by Sydney farmers, who tried to stabilize it, but without commercial success. With this mutation, the leaves are succulent, hairless and each leaf will have a maximum of five leaflets.

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